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I left. Of course, I scared out of my mind. I told my wife, I just spike, what do I do. What do I do. Boy was I was a place. Spiked. That was what about Bowie. Well, I said they said, you gotta be kidding. We don't take transvestites here. I quit ago. There was friends. The guys make up. He was girls close coming, please. I'm gonna. Time. So go to makes obvious sued. But he played in a guy says to me, this is the house manager. He was okay, but the people above did wanna have still at work. I was aspirin. You still said, you know, you're right. This guy's Jesus and he was. He was a great guy. What he did was transform south to a character because star magical and Mick Ronson died right after that Qatar play. They had the to play with so exciting. We don't see acts like anymore. They come out in street clothes down. Then they just sing and they don't have or they say, dirty words than it was a shout. Can I throw a couple of names that you're Ron? Let's get. I gotta go home and j. by pants. Tell. We just threw a name if we said Bob Dylan, what comes to mind? I just got seven shows today. That was great for the big theater for you. Thank God. I say once a work guy, he's amazing. I, I met him at forest. So Senate stadium, when who is the keyboard? Playing back there come on still around today. The tough one? Yeah. Who else was project blues? Project keyboard used to play organ. Our fans are yelling, you know who he as anyway should call in anyway, and the other guy new worth who played with them. They were fun band. They have fun and they were greater for our says. He opened for Joan by as one that before that he over job, his solo, acoustic electric at this point now, no, he was Gonzalo Kucic Joni. He were, you know, like friends. I think French and he opened for her, but the next year wing burner back sixty five. You wanna let when he was electric washy in front of the stage with mops you know. Bowling whiz? Bob Dylan. After he did a few folks, he went into Trich and it didn't go for it in the beginning, start with you folks. Van was Brian. Then he started doing the Rolling Stone which is huge, hit Brigham on Bob Dylan wiz, Bob Dylan. These Purace understand. Yeah, you know, they like Len Chandler, Rene, like Carolyn, Hester and and the Fab Four, whatever. Not the fat for those for freshman, whatever that kind of these were folks talking to folks Kingston, trio, Brown, junior, and Peter, Paul and all that stuff reappearance and also Lennon cone. I had Linda Cohen, central park for dollar at everybody central dollars. It led up everybody you had done. Diana Ross had a little riot there. One night people came down into. I say that was the night of the rain storm rains downpour. Yeah. So we had a castle. Well, Barry Diller said, that's it, and it was a stop covered right at us. You could see the clouds and she's staged. And Barry Diller runs out and puts his coat over next front page of the daily news stranger coda and Diana Ross. Barry Diller bigeye overpower pick. So we go into the trailer with two feet award of foot award. It was one of those real big downpours that you get and award killed. All the cables in the sound went out. A lights went on so into trail will soak it what was sitting as says, well, we got to come back tomorrow night. I said, did you see that crowd out there? Are you kidding me? We'll lucky I got thirty five minutes of a great show. The storm was magnificent warrant. You fill in with some filler about Diana's history Ross. You got thirty and that's another eating a twenty five minutes for our show. We came here to give him on our show. We're going to do our show for television. So I said, I'm not coming back to. I was show in for our Susannah stadium. I'm gonna be there. Okay, I'm not going back. I don't think she do show PS they did this show and. We got a phone call backstage at first. I was Waterloo ROY on the tavern on the green. He came with me, I said, worn out people just broken who running grazie three infamous taken their pocketbooks where he crazy..

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