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Santa. My appeared tarleton. Zandy is worth video. Yeah money tim. I'm always everyone always always talks about like how insane we our country. But i'm always surprised that there is little of this as there is considering like you go. Everyone's got gun like three hundred thirty million people and three hundred and fifty million guns and everyone's on medication and everyone's having fistfights and commercial airline flights now phone kind of surprised in everyone's the weaponized with government and against remarkably little sort of ram van into the capital fence. Stuff or the the white house if you look half this country's nuts there's the white house seems like every third day someone we try to fly a cessna into it or drive a van. You know through the front gate or something. It's it's it's kind of repair considering. How nutty medicated. everyone is. This is the exception that proves the rule. And it's interesting because this guy. i mean. the video was over half hour. And he's talking about there was like some stuff about his wife his ex-wife's medical bills. I think she may have cancer patient. He's he's overcome overwhelmed with these bills. He's never going to get out underneath and unclear whether he really had a bomb he he was talking about like a bunch of change and a role in nichols. And like you know he was holding this kinda rusty looking tin thing But so far. Nobody knows if that was anything. I look at that man's face and desperation but usually it's like they're kind of easy to make fun of a punchline wack job but i watched a lot of this video and he just i mean not that he seems well but he seems desperate old. Remember when old nutty was like anna nicole smith. Yeah that used to be our old like clinically sane person buddy. We'd all have a nice laugh about it before they turn. That was a turning. How funny she has yeah the reality show she said oh she's dead not so funny. Yeah right yeah now. They've amped it up. Will you mention that show by the way it was a ratio. Is it called on the rent now. The red carpet or her show anna nicole smith. Not paul smith is something maybe that thing that it does feel like a lifetime ago that around You mentioned Fights in the air and glad you because cnn reports that federal authorities are proposing more than a half million dollars new fines against commercial airline passengers who refused to wear masks hit flight attendants through luggage across the cabin. The faa's announcement of more than a half million dollars in fines against thirty four passengers accused of being unruly so federal documents. Show that nine of the thirty four involve a passenger accused of touching her hitting a person on a plane including crew members and half. The incidents involve Flights to or from florida the faa the flight attendants union would like to see harsher punishments. But the faa says we. We don't do criminal charges so we can't help you there really. That's what they said. It strikes me like when i was in junior high. You'd have the kids get out some kid with get out of hand but we didn't have to turn the classroom around and go back to. Wherever we're from the bummer. The airplane is you can't just kick person off you've got to turn it around. Everybody pays and go somewhere that every no one wants to go to. I don't know like you think. Do you think airlines is gonna be this with airlines like You know you take accommodations like our case so you you have airlines. And then you have the destination of the hotel r every might go to on your airline when you when you're traveling and we we all understand that if you wanna go to vegas and you want to go down to the end of the strip and hang out at slots a fun. There's going to be different clientele from vibe and there may be some action in the casino that you didn't want they're going to be some drunk people getting into it and that that kind of thing. But we all understand that. If you go book meal at mr chows and liked caesar's palace is going to be completely different world. And we got frontier airlines and southwest. It's and country is something going to emerge domestically where you go. It's gotta dress code clientele. You're paying a little extra. But they're never turning the plane around. That's a good idea. i mean. I've just meat ax. They have another competitor. Euro era like jets. We'd ex is awesome and perfect. But they're real limited. Yes yaro i think is what it's called but it's also very limited and there's one that does like exclusively first class is like a thousand dollars a ticket because you're flying essentially on a plane with eleven seats or wherever it is is limited an appeal to a wide audience. Well that's a good idea though because all flying gen pop now like in jail. Everyone's in the yard so you're right the only way to distinguish it's not going to be about the stick. It's going to be the carrot. it's going to be. Hey come over here pay another three or four hundred bucks. And i promises what happened on our flight will didn't wasn't virgin and jet blue kind of that fifteen years ago. Clicky a little bit better. I was version was literally a step. Above every poster boy loves loyal is out loyal member or whatever it was yeah status and then got resort by alaska now just nother so might there be. Might there be something for that. It'd be nice. It would be star by richard branson when feel on line now. Yeah just we paid little bit more. You got a little bit more in the clientele was not the because let's let's face it there. There used to be the division used to be the plane versus the bus greyhound..

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