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Bank USA member FDIC equal housing lender and from swan auction galleries with an auction of printed and manuscript Americana on April 7th including local state and city highlights from across America catalog and bidding at swan gallery dot com and on the swan galleries app Georgia lawmakers are in the midst of their 40 day session and since you can't be there for all of it we will I'm WAB politics reporter Sam greenglass listen to gold dome scramble our pop up podcast from political breakfast On the next city lights due to different local artists have created two amazing Atlanta maths Plus sky has dropped Takes us on a food erode trip Monday at 11 a.m. I'm Louise schiavone with these headlines The mayor of key vitali Klitschko this morning is telling NPR that in communities around Ukraine's capital city there's so much destruction that some cities do not exist anymore as Russian forces reduce their presence in Kyiv Ukraine's president volodymyr zelensky is warning that Russian forces retreating from the capitol region are creating a catastrophic situation for civilians leaving behind landmines even around homes and dead bodies It's expected that with the support of governor Brian Kemp Georgia will soon drop a permit requirement to carry a handgun lawmakers there passed the bill yesterday and have sent it to camp for his signature I'm Luis giovani NPR news Washington Support for NPR comes from this station and from proven winners color choice offering flowering shrubs from hydrangeas to lilacs to evergreens the full collection is at proven winners color choice dot com slash NPR From Kellogg and water since 1936 a local colligan specialist can provide in home water tests and custom recommendations to treat the unique attributes of a home's water More at hulligan dot com And from the listeners who support this NPR station This is weekend edition from inferior news I'm Scott Simon Russia's war against Ukraine has made Europe's energy crisis even more critical Leaders across the continent are trying to ease the burden of rising pressures with billions of Euros of subsidies and other measures those haven't done enough yet to reduce household costs in Italy workers nearly every sector feel the pinch as Adam raney reports Annuncio a picturesque.

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