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Hey, everybody. It's Kevin Dietz. I hosted season two of shattered white boy, Rick if you haven't heard it yet, you can go back and hear all eight episodes in this feed. I know we're in the middle of season three of shattered right now. But I'm back to let you know what's been going on with Rick and to tell you about a development in his story. From the beginning. Rick story has been about bad choices and bad lock. It led him to spend almost two thirds of his life in prison arrested at seventeen years old on a cocaine charge. Now, he's forty nine and finally has a shot at becoming a free, man. Executive clemency. Ord meeting is now called the order for we began at like to ask chaplain berry boat champ of the department of corrections to lead us in the invocation and pledge of allegiance in late. August two thousand seventeen Rick where she junior was released by the state of Michigan after winning parole for his life sentence from a cocaine conviction nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight. But after twenty nine years behind bars, he was not free to go home. He was turned over to the custody of the state of Florida -partment of corrections. That's because Rick pleaded guilty being part of a car theft ring from behind bars. Here's Rick's lawyer Ralph maselli, they would steal luxury automobiles from dealership used car lots. They would change the VIN numbers. And then they would sell them. And the the guy that was the ringleader was in prison with Rick. He was operating this out of federal prison. Well, Rick called his mother and sister and said, hey, these are great deals. At the time. Rick got involved in the car ring. It just been turned down yet again for parole in Michigan figured he'd never get out. And when the chance came to make some money for his children, it took it. The ringleaders were busted. And so is Rick. He was charged with conspiracy. He was sentenced to five years and went straight from a Michigan prison to a Florida prison is out date was set for Tober two thousand twenty. Recogni talk just about every week when he was in the Michigan prison, and I used a recorded conversations and close to a hundred TV news stories as well as this podcast when he went to Florida, we still talked every week. But Rick said, he no longer wanted our phone calls recorded, and he no longer wanted his story on TV he wanted to go to Florida be quiet and keep as low a profile as possible. I'm rick. I'm not I'm not the person I was made out to be I did some bad things and the second half of my life. I'm going to do some good with it. And the people that have found so hard for me. I'm not gonna let him down. His plan was to fit in and be a regular inmate in push for an early release from the Florida clemency board. He hired attorney Jeffcott camp. A former Florida Lieutenant governor with connections hot camp got to work and it paid off. He was able to get Ricky hearing for December fifth two thousand eighteen this would be Rick's chance to make his case before the clemency board if he received a yes, vote from the governor and one other board member he would have his sentence change to time served. It would be free to go ahead of his out date of twenty twenty before the hearing Rick told me he was cautiously optimistic. His attorney told him governor Rick Scott was likely a yes vote, and it was very likely. He would get a second. Yes. Vote from either attorney general Pam Bondi chief financial officer Jimmy patroness or department of agriculture director Adam Putnam, and then less than one week before the hearing that could free him the forty first president of the United States, George H W Bush has died when a bring now CNN's typically that would have no impact on the Florida clemency hearings until it was announced that the funeral would fall on December fifth. Same day. Rick was scheduled to have his hearing. And because of that service, President Trump has called for Wednesday to be federal holiday. This means nearly all federal workers will be excused from work and their agencies will be closed. This includes US there would be no work for government employees. And no hearing for Rick's, the Florida clemency board cancelled to hearing with no mention of win or if it would be rescheduled. Time was of the essence because a month earlier on November eighth Florida had a general election. They voted in a new governor Ron Santa's and a new attorney general, Ashley moody, they would replace outgoing governor Rick Scott now going to turn general Pam Bondi January first two thousand nineteen this would create a lot of uncertainty. Rix, concern was a brand new governor and attorney general might not vote to release them the days clicked away one after another. The new year rang in and with it came the new clemency board Rix hearing was finally rescheduled for March thirteen two thousand nineteen at eight in the morning at the Florida state capital in Tallahassee. Rick was not allowed to attend. He would remain in his prison cell three hours south of the hearing room. His team had only ten minutes to make their case under the category of Comey tation of sentence favorable recommendations, number one Vichit were she Rix attorney Jeffcott camp. The former Lieutenant governor of Florida spoke first setting the stage for the argument that Rick should be released immediately. I think in the eight years that you serve on this board. This will be the most unique case that you ever see with me today or two distinguished retired F B I agents Herman groman and Greg Schwartz who are going to speak on behalf of the release of mR worshiping. I think that alone. Makes this case very unique to fully understand Mr. worships case, you can't just look at the Florida charged. But you have to look at the totality of the circumstances. He was recruited at the age of fourteen to help break up drug gangs in Detroit, and it really hits home for me. Because that's how old my son is fourteen. And in the eighth grade, and Mr. worship was very good at it. Because of his hard work twenty-five dangerous drug dealers were put away put behind bars

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