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Preparation so we're going to create like a little plastic bubble free dissident over here it'll be our own bubble boy we're going to yeah we'll bring in doctor and do a blood draw not to sign something that you do or do not like that there was a whole screening process for this thing is going on this cruise at the height that the at the pinnacle of corona virus and and the I was asking about the precautions again they may be signs of papers I don't have it my god you know how do you know nobody else has it the screening the symptoms for this thing I mean look it up I don't want to look that up that's probably be gross probably five six six nine zero tax line you guys wanna get involved in the show organ of Cody were arc of locked on podcast the Denver Broncos locked on podcasts the next segment gives his recaps of the stuff we went over today with animal nadie every facade blow jobs of yeah just to talk about some free agent potentially or trade type wide receiver veteran wide receiver types at the Broncos were to go that direction Stefan big set right every seem to seem that that he probably wouldn't be available for the Vikings knowing how loaded they're very team and now he's in your vision to just one the Superbowl in the Kansas City Chiefs are at wide receiver tight and honestly as much at running back as those positions I mentioned previously but pretty darn does del that mom's always a quarterback is there a good chance or a chance at all Ben in your professional opinion the Broncos not only draft a wide receiver high in this NFL draft but also look to acquire a pretty highly touted free agent call in on the offense I don't think yeah I I think they are all in the office but don't think they're gonna spend money on it I think they spend draft capital that way they spend money on something I would suspect that would probably be offense of linemen if you're gonna put money anywhere I think it would be the allied animal light more most likely they're internally with McGovern or extra maybe I you know I I'm of the opinion that may be a payment governor moving back to guard quite there the drastic Italo Beyonce is is a is a center there are free agent offense of linemen out there that are that are going to be less expensive and I think they if you look at that you want to make sure that show or not you're going to have to figure some out about this tackle position you know Gera bowls is is help ease their replace it's up and down you never know what you're getting started it acts they start to look a little bit better last year I'd like to see him in your two like mine checked was the same towards the end of twenty eighteen to Iowa that's why I say I want to see it on here is that the four year month check out to see another for your munching they switching from his own power get maybe that'll help out a little bit we'll see and then over on the other side you got to one James you made a significant investment in right tackle you made him at the time the highest paid right tackle in football that's since gone on to be eclipsed but at the time highest paid right tackle in the in football and you got thirty snaps out of them he has a history health issues and availability issues which which which tackle position you worse at the one that's available for every play which is what most penalize tackles in football well the guy can't seem to get on the field except every other year so you're gonna have to find out if you're gonna have to find consistency you'd have to find something that did that solidifies those two positions I don't know I think the plan right now is bowls James going to this season we've we've talked about offensive tackle specifically in the draft really but I don't know the gonna go that direction if you've got two guys you think could be okay you saw a large will consent on in relief he he tried he was admirable in his effort I think he's naturally a guard I think he's going to wind up being a guard this season for the Broncos back up you know tackle swing tackle but really he's pissed position is right guard it's that's where he needs to be you could sign McGovern you could go into this season with the line that has this has continuity from left to right is bowls Reisner McGovern Blige Wilkinson one James and they've got some some decent depth guys on the interior but you got to figure out that the long term planet tackle you get to figure out the that that position both those positions by the way back to balls for a moment I look back dating back to twenty seventeen and then eighteen and in this past season US obvious twenty nineteen Mike muntjac was is position coach line twenty eighteen was the weird where they had us split line coach or Strauss was with the tackle John cougar with centers right now in twenty seventeen you still at Strauss for you know total is the **** no line the male line coach with jet was Jeff Davidson subs right years for Strauss one year from one Jack but at the same time the leadership no line co just kind of switch to bed so I feel like over these past three seasons for Garibaldi especially these past two twenty nineteen twenty eighteen where he got better in the White later pointed portion year what you just said I think there's a lot of intrigue there for the second season a row where you have the one voice as is no line coach in Mike muntjac maybe bowls can start twenty twenty how we ended twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen knowing it's the same voice second year in a row strong I guess I'd Strauss was is tackle coach right not a not just not just a line coach was busily tackle coach eight I seventeen and eighteen but they had a line coach Jeff Davidson twenty twenty seventeen and then the split between Strauss wrinkle in twenty eighteen and my check this year the absolute consistency from one season to the next there's been a first timer balls last three years yeah and and you know they'll be good and the other part of this is their bowls went out on his own when out of his own pocket and hired a former NFL coach to help him out to help him understand what it is that he's missing what the disconnect with is is with the coaches that he was having and his performance improved after you did that so I'm interested to see if there's carry over the case the Broncos need to make a decision on him and he needs to take a flying leap forward in order to convince them that they need to make that financial decision on him going forward and honestly at I am more way more optimistic about both tackle positions going on twenty twenty then I was going to twenty nineteen because going to twenty twenty balls has is future on the line and then financially more so on the other side which one James is the last year worries money with it I don't know if it's a one day you're going to be back after this year without a dominant performance in the proof that he can stay healthy and even then probably a restructure with escalators based on the amount of snaps you place any use it for July J. H. one James playing for next contract at this point because I leave yeah which lasted ensign was merry news in the money in the next year right this is the bigger more incentivize season to get on the field and play I quietly football I know with the Denver Broncos were frustrated with him last year I know the organization the coaching and his teammates were frustrated well so I'm hoping that he could he gets that he gets out there and and he's ready to go this year mentally and physically enforcing started connect the dots of what you heard for like you said what you heard from his issues in Miami the whole how to continue it was the first thing I asked when it way into the Branson is just went into the Broncos bring in a player any time the Broncos bring in somebody's been somewhere else on the first things I do is ask people around it what's this guy like what story what's the not one of the one of the drawbacks what's what's the upside you know tell me what I need to know about this guy and that's the first thing they said this is when he hits a feel these great when he hits the field and that was the problem that I'm I mean that's the reason it get you don't let great players go yeah you don't let great talent go you don't let players at position a premium positions go in their premium positions in the NFL order back is the obvious one pass protector meeting your tackles pass rusher in the edge or the inter rush and past defender course and it goes down from there one high save your if you're of Middle feel close team one high safety you know you could you could you want a pad them pass catchers you probably don't want to pay you know I go down the list well then how do we do this on either side and take it with cornerback with the cow was potentially then Byron Jones on the Broncos potentially leading Chris Harris goes what which which the Bronco which of the two should the Broncos jump right in you bring about Jones Byron Jones contract is over he still gonna younger Chris Harris is now I would get into that is there the people do ask that what they're gonna spend the money when it just been on Chris almost all just fun how much more it spell Myron we get a site about that there's a raucous country tonight okay what Ben out of the loops with.

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