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And reported it to police frank lenzi komo news defensive at frank clark apologizing for a tweet that seemed to threaten a reporter he tweeted in response to a story about domestic violence charges among nfl players goals corwin haeck reports clarke has faced similar charges himself reporter natalie wiener had published a piece had bleacher report dot com about greg hardy the troubled former nfl star whose twenty fourteen domestic violence assault charges effectively bounced him out of the league in the hardy peace wiener links to a story about frank clark drafted by the seahawks two years ago even though clarke had earlier copter plea to his own charge of domestic violence assault yesterday clark tweeted after natalie wiener quote people like you don't have long careers in your field the tweet goes on to say quote i have a job for you cleaning live fish tank when that little job is over wieners shared the tweet adding with irony quote writing about domestic violence is fun and risk free clark deleted his original tweet then tweeted a new writing apologized to anyone who felt offended by my tweet earlier clark ads we got to do better supporting these major issues we face in this world corwin haeck komo news said forty were checking the sports down america's are up one nothing in the bottom of the second at philadelphia to other twogame series after the marriage while they're third interro last night with attend i decision and also got bad news today when saw she will cool were placed on the disabled list with information it is right shoulder becoming the fourth mariners starter to go on the disabled list this season only one remains and that is your body guy auto is pitching today for the mariners who move all to toronto to open a four game series tomorrow nba that i boston hosted the wizards tied to two of the eastern comforts of eyes last night of the west senator audio takes three to lead with overtime win over the houston rockets reject sports ted at forty path each hour other hold huskies traffic and weather a two minutes well one wisconsin county officials already tried to recruit shaquille o'neal as ex sheriff years abc's ryan burrow after the basketball legend announced in an interview with sports illustrated he'd like to run for sheriff in twenty twenty that walkie county executive chris able tweeted hey.

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