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Named off to francois's payette who was some sort of a trapper i think in the area more on that in a bit they have a selection of imperial stout s that they release every year called their twelve gauge series and this one is from november of twenty seventeen this is the standard why stand it it's just the base twelve gauge imperial style they have released a couple of variants this year where mom which is mexican chocolate and the other one which is salted caramel now mexican chocolate kind of appeals to me more than soul to caramel but does a salted caramel bid come in as a sweet and south type thing no i don't i don't think no i don't think the sour comes into play the soul salt salt it's like briny in in a way except that it's not sour okay now this one has the plastic wax on the top of it which we have previously delved way into so are you ready to crack this puppy open i'm ready get no sound effect for miss because it's all deadened by the plastic on the talk of little pissed that i got it i got it it's opened so these these guys one of the big brewers out there i guess you could call act they'd been around a long time and it started out by guy called mike francis we and he came from the west coast seattle area and as i say franz pyatt pat i should say saying i don't know why i guess it's the french may coming out kerr up.

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