China, William, Switzerland discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Policy this move by authorities to kind of cut import taxes on hundreds of consumer goods beginning december first and obviously big multinational firm stand to benefit although there are some that already produce goods in china that they would not be hurt by ace as much but i'm i'm wondering about the domestic players among the consumer staples group i mean is this a big day for them i think it will be certainly more direct competition them that the policy goal of upgrading that the supply side of the consumer sector uh still remains in place so there's more pressure on them uh thinking of the first order goal is really to take away those the consumption lawsuits from tourist spending overseas agreement stemming uh dr within china's borders but but i believe there's some older lower around uh names in the consumer sector of that trade should be the challenge quickly let me let you go william where do you see the rb going what are you see policy going for 2018 when it comes to the armed e well look for the currency they wanna keep it role could be stable uh because there's a lot to do on the reform front now if you look at say from frontend break differential two chinese us uh ththe defense was a pretty large not supportive of a stronger currency also this was it maybe it within a range but the up and up through the first half of next year with each of these principles all right william thank you so much for that william has cozy o head research prc back row come up here on bloomberg daybreak asia cyber monday headed for record sales in china's hina hit a snag in switzerland this is bloomberg this is a bloomberg market minute bitcoin is going legit that digital currency that jp morgan chase is jamie diamond called of fraud is set to step into the mainstream of finance now that cme group has announced it will introduce trading in bitcoin futures by the end of the move by the world's largest exchange owner will up the game for the.

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