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He's a brute. The beef. However. Starts off cold starts off stoic. But here's the thing. He doesn't learn see some people would look at this. They look at the beast, and they say, oh, look he's transformed because he was able to get in touch with his feminine side. None of the beast transformed because he was able to get in touch with his masculine side. Bell leaves the castle at one point gets attacked by wolves. What is the beasts do? Risks his life to save hers gets injured in the process protects her a says, that's not as feminist side. That's his masculine side. When Gaston comes to kill the beast at the end of the movie spoiler alert. The beast doesn't care at first because he's given up on life. But then del comes back. Now, he's got a reason to live now he fights. And he's got a reason to fight guest on began protecting. Also when he gets the chance he doesn't kill Gaston. Betrays him. Guests on trips slips and falls off the castle himself the beast never kills him. So the bees shows mercy, which is another masculine trait. Maybe one of the most masculine traits. And how about the beasts serving bell? He served her by letting her go. Which he knew would put him in a lifetime of captivity. But he let her go to see her father. So he put the person he loves desires above his own that is a masculine characteristic. And the beast adores our guest on doesn't. The beasts does. Then want to be respected. Women wanna be adored men. Want to be respected women want to be cherished and the beast adored her as a masculine trait. People will do that movie. Like, oh, look you so much. He's learned to dance he's a really getting in touch with his feminine side. He's learn table manners getting in touch with his feminine side. No, it's getting in touch with his masculine side. So what do we do? Do. We a side you pretend that all men are like guest Aub or do. We raise our boys to be like the beast. And we can't do obviously the beasts is the answer. But we can't do that. If we say aggression is harmful. Your.

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