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Three Honey FOX flat mile for the older fillies and mares on the turf. Interesting little mix of horses in here. I guess you gotta start at the rail. Judy Chad Brown appreciate procedures head out year, plus lay off into the della rose Saratoga just missed stablemate ony that day. We know how good Oni is haven't seen her though. Now in about seven months, she returned from the rail draw Chad Brown hobby Castawano. Yeah. Was the only race that Peter Brant didn't win at Saratoga? She got beat ahead. And it was it was a tough beat to. She's a very talented Philly. She has one hundred and thirteen racing post rating. That's great one material. That's what you see with horses at run into Breeders Cup. There's nobody in here. That's even close to her as far as that is concerned. She is the class of the field. She will take some beating looks like she's ready that. Minute and three fifths. I guess my birthday was a big day of work that was that was also on my birthday February seventeenth that kind of indicates to me. She's ready to roll. But there's other Phillies in here. You're right. It's it's an interesting field Lawson year from Brian Lynch stable she showed some some class in her first couple of races here in the United States. They ran or a little bit too far in the Belmont oak Samaya on the quarter. She she took them a long ways. And then folded like lawnchair, and then she had a layoff after that ran in January at Gulfstream here in the Marsh was river. She took him a long way. Again, got a little tired at the end. She's a lot fitter. Now, I think she's going to give a good account of herself in here. And then it was the other one that I liked Bella Bella has really done well since joining the Todd Pletcher stable not that she didn't do. Well when. She was with Jimmy toner but Todd's won two out of three with her. She seems to be at the top of her game right now, and I just hate to leave out Pletcher in resort area. When you're talking a great stakes like this. They they know how to get it on. Book. I think this wells down to if press uses ready. It's over. I mean, they all everybody in this field would have to stop. Because again, you know, that's assuming use doesn't get better with the extra with the with the seven months often little more maturity now, I mean, imagine if she takes a step forward. She's gonna win this could load her in backwards show in this. I think I think you got the see I'm not a loss in yada fan. I thought she had it our own way into wonder again when she wanted. She got exposed the next two times. But you're right. She should be tighter for this. I think our presence really helps Bella. And maybe it gets Bella vais a big piece of this. Because you've got to imagine that both Bella van dull J really going to kind of follow her around there and just try and work out some trips from their outside draws maybe they're the two you wanna use on the Neath press use it kind of gets a little chalky that way. But I, you know, I don't like. An old love betting horses of seven-month layoffs. Chad Brown kind of mitigates that though. So that press uses would be a solid solid lean for me, and maybe a little Bella indulge a Liliane on a saver ticket. But I ended this presi uses race to lose race number eleven on Saturday afternoon degrade three Honey FOX race twelve. The Dow the champ is here jaywalk returns from her Breeders Cup freshening. It'll be her. I starting just about four months the low one turn mile here in the Dow two hundred thousand on the line. She truly inside to all our heroes back. She's looking for five in a row..

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