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Rash and chappaquiddick island in nineteen sixty nine that killed a young campaign staffer mary jo kopechne ian and ted kennedy didn't report this death until the next day listen this country has a deep connection to the kennedy name and that is a valuable thing gentlemen we can't just let that go to waste we need to remind the american people what does family has been through and how much more we are left which eve how are you planning on doing that a nationally televised statement that's chase from clark they're doing what i thought was a very good ted kennedy understated very quiet a really strong performance i liked this film a lot you know i was just you know a tot when the chappaquiddick incident had happened but this was always a story that really baffled me and always just smelled very badly to me and i was always amazed that here was ted kennedy in the senate someone who everyone thought extremely well of that had this dark secret in his past and yet somehow we all forget him for it and this film really explains how that happened and how he did it i was really riveted by this film and i think explains a lot to us about you know how politicians get away with things we all sit around wring our hands saying you know how how can this guy get away with this when this is right in front of our faces and the fact of the matter is if it's your guy you look the other way and that's what happened i think back in nineteen sixty nine with chappaquiddick will finally way for you've got you're never really hear from director lynn ram the walking phoenix stars in this film is a former veteran traumatized by a war who now tracks down missing girls for a living yeah one thing i like about this movie is joaquin phoenix who i think is.

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