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This report is sponsored by invisible fence dot com continues with one oh six one FM talk the division of employment security is straining under the pressure of on average eighty thousand phone calls each day officials say since mid March nearly three quarters of a million people have filed first time claims for unemployment more than half are still awaiting approval in response to the crush phone support hours have been extended they've added weekend hours now in addition the division has tripled staff and are also looking at adding an option to use online chat re open in C. vows to return to downtown Raleigh Matt McClure reports more protesters are expected to crowd the streets of downtown Raleigh tomorrow as lawmakers return to the capital for the first day of the North Carolina General Assembly this on the heels of governor Roy Cooper announcing last week that he would extend to state wide state home order through may eighth I keep schools closed for the remainder of the academic year led by the group reopened and see that protesters have vowed to hold rallies each Tuesday until the state's economy is put back to work I'm not McClure a Burlington man is under arrest on suspicion of kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon police say Raheem Crispell his girlfriend at knife point Saturday then chased after her vehicle as she tried to escape she later crashed into a building on web Avenue crisp surrendered Sunday morning the FBI is investigating a Buncombe county chief deputy for an alleged theft the sheriff's office says Donna Everhart was placed on administrative leave during the investigation WLOS TV reports the DA requested a probe into an alleged theft at a local firearms store NASCAR continues to do the virtual race thing Alex Bowman took the checkered flag in a three wide finish at a digital Talladega Hendrick motor sports with their third straight win in the E. NASCAR iRacing pro invitational series for more on corona virus go to the I heart radio app tap the podcast app for the latest news and information I'm Kyle Wilson red eyes.

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