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Paula Reed leasing this tape this was a significant esscalation from Cohen's team as. He works to distance himself from the. President sources close to, Cohen have been. Telling me for months but he's been frustrated, that he, couldn't punch, back against, the President Mr Giuliani and of course stormy Daniels Michael avenue the president's current attorney Rudy Giuliani claims the tape proves his. Client did nothing wrong CBS news legal analyst. Rikki Cleveland whether or not it's exculpatory. According to Giuliani or incriminatory according to other people. Is yet to be decided CBS news update I'm Deborah. Rodriguez WBZ news, time eight thirty two Republican backlash is growing against President Trump's twelve billion dollar plan to help American farmers suffering from the escalating treat war. Will county soybean farmer Dave kessel says he's feeling depends Right now we're looking at beans used to be ten bucks. Now they're down to eight bucks that's a twenty, percent pay-cut basically kessel says he still has faith in the long term effect. Of the president's strategy but admits he's. Taking a hit right, now visit crewman. Ajan Santarelli was in the thoughts of many, at the, annual awards, ceremony for, the Chicago to mackinac yacht race yacht club Commodore leaf Sigmund called for a moment of silence after paying tribute to set. A rally our crew members of our family. Enduring this race we lost one of. The best Monday Thomas skippers the goblin and said. He considered Santarelli a close friend volunteers for so many. Things we would, refuse is volunteer On many occasions we were saying you've done too. Much, HAMAs said the loss will be felt for a long time Bob Roberts NewsRadio on what I'll five point nine FM WBZ news time eight thirty. Three police in, Wisconsin sided one hundred seventy people for underage drinking at last week's country thunder music. Festival in the town of. Twin lakes the daily herald reports ten citations were issued for disorderly conduct and obstructing Justice. Plus nine for fraud attendees at the four. Day event. Were also cited for trespassing drug violations criminal damage to property and battery to a police officer the city council, votes Dan, a plan, to rename downtown street for a civil. Rights pioneer for decades the name either, be wells was associated with a southside public housing. Project now it's expected that the city, council will. Give the okay to rename congress Parkway between Columbus drive and the Jane burn interchange for the civil rights by Near this is a compromise after, a. Previous effort to rename belbow drive for either be wells was met with strong, opposition from. Talion Americans southside, alderman Sophia king, is behind the renaming. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM the. First burial of victims of last week's tourist. Boat accident in Missouri takes place today but the tragedy was not the first of its kind Martin patent wonders why duck boats. Still have canvas tops that can trap people if. A boat capsizes like. The one on table rock lake last Thursday night I really hope that lawsuit twenty. Years ago would have made some of these changes that could have, let more these people out patent lost three loved ones. When a duck boat sank on a lake near hot springs Arkansas thirteen people died. In that accident. In one thousand nine hundred eighty nine Jim chrysalis CBS news Branson Missouri. The death toll from wildfires are decimated seaside communities near Athens Greece now stands at seventy nine rescue crews have been going house to house searching burned cars Looking for more victims police are responding to dozens of calls for missing people Romania's defense ministry said two planes and personnel to aid firefighting. Efforts Sanchez firefighters battled the so-called, Ferguson wildfire a large part of. Your send many national park will be closed for the rest of the week Yosemite valley itself is not considered, endangered but many tourists who planned on visiting the popular l. capital area. Have to change their plans just too much smoke nearby says ranger Scott get even the main part of the day noon to sex our. Sharing real poor air quality and it's getting a little better at night but it's been getting progressively worse each day and with the weather forecast that were shaving which just not safe the hope is to have that, part of your seminary reopened on Sunday Tom Foty CBS news April the giraffe, whose pregnancy became an internet sensation is pregnant again animal adventure park in Harper's Bill New York, shared. The news this morning the calf has do during the early spring around March, YouTube recorded Two hundred thirty. Two million live. Us, during a period last year before, April gave birth to Chad cheery the. Traffic and weather and stocks next WBZ news time eight thirty six.

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