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The the biggest business story of one of the not just business one of the biggest local stories of the week we found out about, on Thursday and that is Mark. Wahlberg vying the former Bobby layman Chevrolet over on west broad street, so the actor has has. Purchased that with his with his his his. Business cohort or whatever. And so now it is Mark Walberg Chevrolet that was just shocked. A lot of people Mark Wahlberg is going to, be? In Columbus. That's kind, of it's kind of a weird thing. Right, it is, it is but. Very cool to the same time oh it's, very it's very cool I watch The story they they did a story last. Night on, ABC six with the with I. Don't know if. You saw it but there was. A. Lady there who she she was buying a car and she she was right now to check and she wrote it, out to Bobby layman Chevrolet and he told her. She had void the. Check because this was like ten after sex and at six o'clock on the dot it officially. Went from being Bobby layman to Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet, the new Jack and she's like who the, actor no. Way, and then she ended up. Getting a chance to to FaceTime with Mark Wahlberg and he's supposedly going to. Come to town and check out what he's purchased and all that stuff from from what he said at some point in in the next, few weeks because he's getting ready. To go out and promote a new movie but he's gonna he, says he plans to come. Here and we may get a we may. Get a wall burgers. That's an which I've never had wall Burg's but I I hear. People say it's great it's very good I had, one? In Myrtle. Beach okay, I see there in Boston because he. He's, a Boston, guy and they're. In a All kinds of places there's one in Vegas there. Is and there are there are in I think Cleveland has, wall burgers I, think I think I think it might be. At the casino or close to it is that right it's something like that so he said that if he can if you can find the right place for a restaurant here in town I'm all for it we'll get we'll get one of those too but that's kind of fun I saw a lot of people asking. You know you're. Going to, bring transformers or you're gonna bring transformers more maybe he'll, bring talking teddy bears was also in the movies this is what I wanna. See out, Walberg Chevrolet c Bumblebee oh that. Would be fantastic. That'll be fantastic but Bobby layman. Is. Such a is are you from here, originally bomb no I'm I'm from wheeling okay I've, lived. Here, for probably close to. Twenty five thirty. Years so I think everybody when they, hear Bobby layman immediately goes right? To, that jingle oh absolutely. Yeah Three nine oh yeah I think everybody knows that here's something a little little oddity for you the. Dealer plates at you see when you go to the dealership and you do, the test drive and they have to put, these special plates on us as dealer most of them have like a four digit number. On, their layman's dealer plates and they've. Got like a little. Smaller number which actually ties by a buddy of mine was was a car salesman for a while yeah that ties back. To the salesman so. Fast, bowler, number, that's on their? Ties. Back, to salesman. What the. Four or five digit number that's on their ties back to the dealer his is three nine oh oh oh is. That right yes okay that's cool that's cool. Jack Jackson was saying to me the other day that he..

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