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Here you knock me out there some old means yellow on staffed up like that you young whip a snap is out there either don't no music witnessed music all these damiler's i'll even understand what happens rapidly and in this day it just make that is me what about the stephen a smith show espn radio i told jal i was going to get into this and let me just break this down you know we we we we you got people reporting on things and people aren't heavily on in it but i think today is appropriate to bring up the stuff because and i'll get into it a bit heavy an hour number two but it's important to get into it because with us would vegas putting the odds out about who's gonna be league mvp in the nba this year i think he's gonna be kawhi leonard they got russell westbrook 72 odds arm with the los angeles lakers shaving about fifty million plus off the cap thereby putting them in a position to get two more key free agents would russell westbrook refusing to sign his supermax fiveyear two hundred seventy seventeen million dollar extension is on the table from serre presi in oklahoma city thunder there's a denim is one of those situations where it is not beyond the realm of comprehension thereby this time next year paul george and either russell westbrook all abroad james aware in los angeles laker uniform i mean this that serious.

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