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The next generation of mobile networks and plans to spend twenty billion to expand broadband access in rural areas, Texas, Senator John Cornyn says many of his colleagues failed to see just how serious the problems are along the us Mexico border Capitol Hill correspondent Bob Agnew has this report to his fellow lawmakers record says seemed to be ambivalent about problems at the border. I'm here to report that we are reaching a breaking point. And he says many seem to be missing the point where they're debate on the finer points. I don't care. Whether you call it a crisis or emergency just consider the numbers who crossed illegally in June of two thousand fourteen Cornyn says then President Obama called it a humanitarian crisis at that time. We thought sixty six thousand was a huge number or two noting that one hundred three thousand tried to cross illegally last month. Buying new reporting also at townhall dot com. Australian WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange isn't a UK prison awaiting verdict on whether he'll be extradited to the US burdens opposition home secretary. Diane Abbott says the UP follows certain procedures when dealing with extradition requests, the house of the case of guy MacKinnon in October twenty to twelve when the count prime minister was him secretary an extradition request very similar to the swan shoes Assange was removed from the Ecuadorian embassy. Thursday on Wall Street stocks are higher. The Dow ahead two hundred thirty points. The NASDAQ up twenty seven more on these stories at townhall dot com. These Easter through starring Chrissy Mets. You've been underwater fifteen minutes. The odds were against her son. He's no pulse for over an hour until his mother's prayer..

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