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In their rawness it before there. Do you know yeah. Another one i picked is The johnny cash did a solo did a show. And afterwards rick rubin went backstage and they talked about signing him to his record label in and how they would do. The american recordings and i said like that and so We picked like elton. John's at the troubadour right where they talk about that in the movie. Like how cool would it been to be there so that was a fun. See as you're talking about the alice cooper in his prime So live at channel. Yes that would be nice to see. Queen would be amazing to see him. Elvis asked to see him. I would love to see Excuse everybody's oh my god. You know nick i i have one of my good friends. Gary was on the podcast and he was kind of similar to you. He was saying that at this point. He's he visited that he'd gone to seen a lot of bands and he'd seen a lot of shows and so he was kinda good though this more the experience and so Kiss is coming to dallas area and so there's about five of us and i've never seen them live committee in my high school like in high school. I was a big kiss fan. Like i you know rock and roll all night boy if you heard rock and roll all night on the radio off friday or saturday night before you're by you're getting ready to go out. You knew it was going to be a good night. And so there's a bunch of going and gary says i'm more excited about going to dinner beforehand and seeds and going he. I'm going to enjoy the show but the variance of seeing with a bunch of buddies. And i think that's true. I think that's great. That's why the case was group because they will obama was just in the refractory. Never you are. Impacting seating solvents Laid back and relaxed and beautifully wore out to talking about this. When i when i was growing up by another ninety hours i'll kiss his dislike. Big band of the studies likes nice in sunset in service site. The psychotic product unless you're like. Wow lusty crazy. And i remember actually here in some of their songs and and how a music has evolved. And it's really that people were worried about edits music because that meant that metal vision had become oughta when by the ninety s. Easy listening when i when i had assault big thing like all. They're trying to kids. I remember dad so the use of it was coming into the country. That's what i love. Is anytime we at high school where you got a cold. Where all the sinuses. Draining your throat. You sound like peter kiss you chris. I hear you wrong right now. So we just we we love that. are up This has been so much fun. Any final thoughts. Before i get you guys with the very question is that music was part of my life because my dad liked to sing in the car when mother music. I did the same thing with my kids child. By son you liked twenties for longtime he had to replace the tonight using reach. Foists your chance to the declined to give as we say all of that in the car on the way. My dad taught me. allstate alike Told my kids. So although i say not up to music now i saw county whack people and still get nine hundred still discovering music at owes that i have you know what's funny is a. Chris used to calm the beach bags. and i love the beach. Boys pet sounds one of my favorite albums You know and he loved that into there is a local ban here in just north of dallas from denton texas called brave combo and they do rock and roll pocus and chris with love going to that and he would when he was seven or eight ego. You know dad. It's always a good time to polka. And so if you're if you're if you are a An atom in nick fan. And you're listening to this Go google brave combo denton texas. And you will. you will enjoy. They do some fun. songs Yeah this is when we out these versions of Hamilton hamilton's ninety still gunman had his first number one album. Got i think the last owner visa around.

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