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He can regularly here spain infants six to nine pm eastern weeknights on espn radio i knew you guys would come through for me and fits i know you haven't heard this yet but everybody came in with the it was the trick daddy wedding brawl we were talking about people being idiots and people fighting at graduation and the trick daddy wedding story is magical and here's just a little bit of it involving the catering service and his friends as the show in the interim play the trick dovey story talking about his wedding at one of the wild word because it's like oh highly of police department it radiate it with a look gold and they shot the near it was the biggest lie i have looked fielded spree they have a wedding reception live of course you don't remove it go you though that the people weird catering to home by france wanted to eat they would lag ozone cape to join type in the food got beaten up by your thought friends while he wa wa the long war lilacs background longrumored alone did they were loyd product pete was basically like what was the auction there what a people what you will the good guy real could solve conflict on the lowest so the people will open those wanting here would be believe it they vote hit give give me me give give this this game game on on did started on what right ogden on don't let me the idea that you're talking who give away a maple eugene you know on the continent legal it was the biggest by i of the all new breed.

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