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A vitamins Bizet. Take care of an enter drama. Thank you guys. Let's get back to the pod. Okay. Let me ask you this. So if you're listening to that and you're like, man, you ride and blah, blah, blah. Do you. Do is the advice to worry about asking people who have knowledge about the topic, not you. Are you better off asking someone who has knowledge who doesn't give shit about you, then someone who loves you and doesn't have knowledge for sure. Yeah, I'm expertise over experiencing. I don't understand people. I do it myself. I don't get it at all. You still are doing it yourself. You've just excel A-Rated what you're doing by getting the dummy tax. Here's why I appreciate the advice of people that have situation knowledge over people who care about me is they're going to tell me what they did and I'm picking them out and I'm giving them the biggest gift biggest compliment that you can people. I'm sorry, Dave, but can I ask you for help when people say that to me my heart sing off. I'm like, this guy relief. He respects what I what I've done, I know. Yeah, what a great compliment and meanwhile, everyone's expecting us. I don't have time me wanna barf ING all my help all over them because I want to prove to them how much I know that's how many people I know. I never thought about that because I always told me, ask people for help. They'll give you help people like to share people like to, but I just didn't think about the fact that it is a massive compliment by. Just asking people for guidance because you respect their opinion or what they Accomplice. -ccomplish. So I highly suggest expertise over experience because you'll have a better experience by getting in gaining expertise. Yeah. Stop going to the people that love you unless they happened to be experts. Exactly. And you still have to beware even if you have an expert in your family that loves you. Yeah, they're always going to have a different take on it because they're gonna want your well being. That's what's so dangerous right people that love you almost feel like are like it's really dangerous to get advice from people that love you because they'll say it's the other person's fall. You did everything right? This is bubble blah act. You wanna protect you. They're not going to be honest. And sometimes that protection ends of being our biggest nemesis. Yep. Very true. Okay. So just like a quick, how did you, what were you doing? You were selling legal research online, west law, so it was a website. It was all the books you see on the legal commercials with the keys on them. Yeah, in the early nineties, you know what? We have this Bank of NCR computers from Ohio in a mountain and we're gonna put instead of printing off of these. We're going to put them online dot EDU, and we'll have.

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