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58. Yeah, I don't know, man. Just a lot of threes. Maybe two rocks into the ocean there in the East. After that initial scare, the Bucks have settled down and Johannes goes for 31 of 15. Chris Middleton Scores 18 in the fourth quarter 1 21 to 1 of six over the magic. So they're up 31 on that after losing Game one, just like the Lakers. They have sort of repeated the exact same thing. Lose the first one in the next three. How about Erik Spoelstra's Miami He's sweeping the Pacers right out of Disney World Night. 87 Spoelstra. There goes Jimmy Butler's heat Man on Blacks round and if we could shut out Andrea with colic, his old man, Iggy's out there to run around with those guys, right? Yeah, I watched him last night. He looked may look a little bit different, not like the big full beard. Now he's got letting his hair grow in a little bit upon top a little bit of a different look than we had out here in Golden State, but always trip man. What a player. But what a trip. Interviews. Yeah, But what a player By the way, as the team's drop off Now we only have two games today. It was always for a day, but not today. We don't have to police. Your Quin Snyder, Utah Jazz. That's my boy against Denver on jazz. Europe. 31 on that Siri's That's a 3 30 today. Pause He could watch Quinn close him out. Go. And then, just as Damian Lillard subsides, Luca Don Cheech moves to the four and he's our six o'clock game tonight against the Clippers that Syria's tied to two man, It's a good serious, Yeah. I saw a kid walking in town to go to the dog Park yesterday watched a 13 14 year old kid walked past me in a Don Cheech shares away. All right, that's cool. And finally our number one sports story. Obviously, it's the Giants the six game win streak after taking a rest last night, no game. Big night tonight. A third king in front of the cardboard cut outs. The streaking Giants take on Major League Baseball's best team. The 22 8. Los Angeles Dodgers. Asia Dodges there you anyways year Johnny Cueto and his shimmy and his new arm, by the way, don't forget the Tommy John. This is post Tommy John Cueto now Pretty good taking on Julio Urias at 6 45. And we're like, Dude, you really want to start a lefty against the Giants. Bring him in and come on down. You could hear it all can be our 6 81.

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