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He believes the full house will support it though. He says the debate on the house floor is likely to be one for the ages Eskin collusion. From eyewitness news. I would agree with that assessment by Mr. craven, it will be one for the ages that debate Mark Reynolds in today's Providence Journal says a youth baseball coach from Connecticut, it's been arrested again now faces charges in federal court following his arrest on Friday by the Rhode Island state police internet crimes against children task force. Authorities say that the coach Christopher merchant of Canterbury. Connecticut was arrested a second time on Wednesday. According to a news release from the office of the US attorney Aaron Weisman be federal charges against merchant are interstate travel to engage in illicit sexual activity, transferring obscene material to a person he believed was younger than sixteen receiving child porno and possessing child pornography the charges in federal quarter related to the incidents that prompted merchants arrested. On Friday at a hotel in Warwick state police charged that merchant charged him with a decent solicitation and in federal court documents merchants accused of conversing on social media on numerous occasions with the boy he thought was fourteen years old with the dialogue quickly becoming sexually graphic says the release from Weisman's office burcin, it says also sent obscene photographs to a person and made arrangements to meet with the boy and a Warwick hotel to engage in illicit sexual activity. This coach facing some federal charges. Now Americans are continuing to cut the cable TV coordin- big numbers. Apparently with a new survey finding that nearly sixty percent of us have dropped cable and the big bills that come along with it as the move to cheaper internet based services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime marches on these surveys from water stone management group also found another twenty nine percent are close to getting rid of their cable too. With just twelve percent saying that they their content to stay with it. While streaming. Is still much cheaper than cable net. Flicks recently announced that it is increasing subscription fees by a dollar or two a month. And it said to crack down on the illegal sharing of accounts. With a recent report having found that such account sharing will cost that company in the industry almost ten billion dollars in lost revenue over the next couple of years. But the survey says nearly sixty percent of Americans have dropped cable TV. That's your poll question for today. Have you dropped it? Or are you considering dropping cable television? You can log onto NewsRadio RI dot com. Yes, or no. If you wanna leave a comment go to the Facebook page for the program yesterday's poll question should bible literacy be taught in public schools is a move afoot to make an elective. What do you think about that? Forty six percent of you said, yes. Well, fifty four percent of you said, no Anthony chimed in. Yes. John said by Belichick was an elective at Cumberland high school in the seventies. Yes. As a literary study Ken said, yes. But on a volunteer basis. Well, you mean elective and Jim said, I don't. See why not as long as the teacher doesn't try to force any particular belief system on the students. Stevens said no, whatever happened to the separation of church and state. Well, that's of course, the arguments Stephen and other Steve chimed in. I have no idea what this means. But I'm not gonna read it Ray said it should be taught as part of our nation's history to it's the very basis for our constitution. And yeah, they stopped teaching that to raise right? They don't teach history in school anymore and Allen said no and no again. So thank you for the comments and thank you for the votes. Forty six percent said. Yeah. Bible literacy should be taught in public schools. Fifty four percent said, no. And again, let me note that it's being pushed as an elective Super Bowl Sunday coming up. You got the New England Patriots taken on the Rams in hotlanta and our new Rhode Island attorney general is warning of Super Bowl ticket scams. They're out there. His Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news. It's almost gametime and Atlanta is filling up with New England fans hopeful to watch the pats bring home another. Lombardi trophy..

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