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Wet plates. They were your eight hundred. Eighty eight th. They could be very beautiful but it was very difficult to do dry plates or or a glass that was coated with gelatin. Emotion made things easier. Somebody somebody thought of that. Nine hundred seventy one but in eighteen. Seventy seven of bank clerk. George eastman experimented with his new wet plate camera because he was he bought it for vacation vacation was cancelled so it gave them time to experiment which is interesting. Because we're if that if that vacation wasn't canceled what would have happened so he was. He's poking around with his new wet plate camera cutting edge and over the next eight years. He invented the following. He created a coding machine that he patented and seventy nine. He then replaced the glass support with the film. Made of three layers was paper. Layer soluble gelatin and gelatin emotion and then finally in eighteen eighty five. He added a convenient roll holder. And and that was it that culminated on september fourth eighteen. Eighty eight when eastern got his. Us patent number three three hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred and fifty for small hand-held easy to use camera all of which became almost obsolete for millions of unprofessional photographer. Once they got their first digital camera. And then of course the cell phone camera but still an amazing invention that held sway that you know. The broad strokes of technology held sway for many many hundred years. Right a made an amazing amount of time. An amazing advance. I mean that was such a wonderful. I mean steve member. When dad's mom gave us a first little tiny cheesy little tiny little roll film cameras and we would like them all for years. I think we use that. They were courageous. Cheap film pop it in. Drop it off at the at the cheesy little little kodak ming at the newer street shopping center and get it back like eight nine months later. It was awesome. You wanna hear a very quick story about film i. I went back to my high school. It was like the twenty fifth You know reunion or or whatever. It was back at the high school itself and they gave us a tour. One of the students did current student at the time. Sixteen year olds kind of walked us around the school at the kind of show us how things have changed and we went over to the photography. What was the photography department. And i mentioned film to them and they actually said the sixteen year old kid. What is film. no i kid you not. They said that. I never felt older in my. What a what is really really. Let's try to forget about that as soon as we can all right. Congratulations keira evan. And jay thank you. I sure steve. I understand you've ever quote for us. Yes this quote comes from the per sak who is a space archaeologist with. That is interesting minute. Par sack par sec. Pr c. k. House she said when i was a kid. We'd rent indiana jones movies on vhs those care and inspired a whole generation of scholars because we saw the excitement and the passion and the drama. What's amazing to me about. Archeology is the stories are even better than what you see in a hollywood movie. Real science is even more interesting than how they would. Sarah parsons space archaeologist. She also causes a. This is satellite archaeology. This is still archaeology on the earth. But it's using things based in space so she combined technique of high resolution imagery from satellites with thermal imaging and her work has helped find seventeen pyramids yes thousand tombs and over thirty two hundred ancient settlements within a single year of work because in those jungle environments you. It's almost impossible to find those things. Can you do. A whole news item on that. Yeah schulkin about that. But we should probably have her on the show to talk about. Yeah loves the great quote. I into her history. Oh wow she's also working scientists her husband. They're both archaeologists or husbands. Also an egyptologist greg mumford. How great is that and mumford. I mean g our second mumford egyptologists. How awesome that's a tv show right there out of central casting great quote. Thanks steve. well all righty. Then thank you guys for joining me this week. Thank you and until next week. This is bob send care. Jc for devon skeptics.

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