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Z Boston's news radio a man from ever it is charged with trying to barge into Boston's FBI headquarters in Chelsea. Prosecutors say Brian Dennis in the early morning hours of Friday morning scales. Defence surveillance video shows him banging on the front door with his hand in smashing it with the rock. They say he then climb back over the fence. Local police have captured Dennis say that he admitted to everything he's due in federal court on Wednesday. And Duncan fires a worker, one of its Chicago locations after he's accused of spitting into an officer's coffee. Duncan employees in Chicago was under arrest after a state trooper allegedly found mucus in his coffee cup. Illinois state police say the trooper took the lid off his Duncan coffee to cool it down and found a large, thick piece of mucus, which police say was later confirmed to be saliva. 25 year old Vincent Sessler faces three charges, including reckless conduct, Duncan says Sessler has been fired at the incident is inconsistent with the brand's values. Matt Piper CBS News It's 7 19 A new report finds that younger people are now the country's largest demographic group Millennials are now in the majority of Brookings Institution Analysis found that as of July 2019 50.7% of all people in the U. S were under the age of 40. The 160 Six million members of the millennial, Gen. Z and other generations outnumber the roughly 162 million Gen Xers, baby boomers and their other older cohorts. In a sign of shifting demographics in the country, nearly half of all under the age of 40 said they identified as a racial or ethnic minority. Brian Clark ABC News All right. Mattel sees a financial upside to Children being stuck at home. Parents snapped up a lot of Barbie dolls along with, you know, playing cards in baby Yoda toys to help keep their kids entertained. North American sales rose 3%. Sales worldwide dropped to 15% but they still brought in $54 million more than what analysts had expected. Alright, a Northeastern university public health expert Thinks that Massachusetts should return to face two of reopening the director of the school's epidemics lab. Excuse me, Samuel Scarpino tells w. P. C T V. The positive test rate in the state is just going in the wrong direction. The seven day weighted average is now 2.2% the highest that it's been since June. Scarpino says that it's urgent that they act now since that it could take weeks to see the effects of any changes. He adds that the state's priority should be giving K through 12 schools a fighting chance to reopen it. 7 21 stick with us. We're going to go back to the rose to check traffic and the full forecast coming right up every cancer.

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