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On the red and the orange lines as well as a commuter rail. Thousands without heat in Rhode Island has national grid works on a gas outage. Celtics beat the heat at the garden and the Bruins on an extended all-star break, a desperate. Search continues this morning for a missing woman. Olivia Ambrose was last seen outside of Boston bar on Saturday night. WBZ's Ken MacLeod tells us her dad was out handing flyers in the area panel hall last night, but yours. Twenty-three-year-old Olivia Ambrose vanished. From nearby Hennessy's on Saturday night while out for a night of dancing and live music with her twin sister, I don't even think she had that many drinks didn't say goodbye to anybody. And that was the last number. Indeed Libby dropped off the club. Surveillance cameras. Just minutes past eleven after friends say a man she'd been chatting with was kicked out by bouncers. She never returned to where apartment in Jamaica plain and called no one Ambro says from Wenham, but recently, moved to Jamaica plain anyone who knows anything is asked to call Boston police damage to a church and Barbro Sunday night is estimated at one hundred thousand dollars to got a call from the alarm company that there was a problem at the immaculate conception church. The praise responded and tried for eight minutes to get into the room where the fire was but were overcome by heat and smoke. That's when fire crews arrived. The Marlboro fire department says a sub zero weather was turning water into ice. One firefighter was treated for a hand injury and released the cold snap over much of America is testing the mantle of people who work outdoors reporter, Andrew Kramer, spoke with some in Philadelphia. Array is a damage prevention specialists. Gotta find these underground utility lies freezing, my pain is freezing. I'm trying not to freeze. But at least he came to work ready for the conditions. The keyword is layers man seven layers, no less, no less than seven layers. Ronald Brown who we found nearby delivering food packages. My hands are getting face gets numb but duty calls duty calls. You just gotta do what you gotta do. Philadelphia's forecast is a lot like.

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