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We wish you a glorious day on this most sacred day on the Christian calendar and glorious were used to describe today's forecast. More on the weather in just a few moments. This morning show is to be devoted to legacy institutions and their impact on creating vibrant communities when I first moved to Chicago some three decades ago. I was amazed at how vibrant the black business community was here. There was Johnson products, soft, sheen must've products, and of course, Johnson publishing company for which I worked for five years for years the nation's largest black owned business now it's sad to report. The once formidable business forces, no more as JPC has filed for bankruptcy. Gonna fashion fair. The iconic building on Michigan avenue, and most importantly, the pride that we held for the company. This morning will reflect on that legacy of J P C and the loss of black businesses and the city that was once known as the black business mecca. We'll talk to former jet editor, Clarence Waldron and more Gina Christian form. Ebony bitter and the editor and author of the book empire the house that John H Johnson built when we discussed causes and solutions to crime in our communities last week, many callers cited the Christian churches role in resurrecting areas that have fallen on hard times just as billions of people celebrate Christ's resurrection from the grave this morning. We're going to look at the local churches role in repairing and revivify community. When we talked to some local pastors who had tried to do just that I will speak to Reverend Dr Eric boon and Reverend Michael butter the preacher Watson to Br. Others who are found as of young bless men. And young bless women ministries pastors at tree of life missionary Baptist church in Gary, Indiana. We'll also hear from past in Chris Harris, bright star church that is doing some innovative things to build community and the city's Brownsville neighborhood. And we'll close out our legacy theme when we hear about an art auction to benefit scholarships were needy students at the dealer, Sal institutes. So as is the case every Sunday morning, there's a lot to speak tube. But before we begin here are some news, headlines and weather. A two year old girl is safe this morning at the car. She was riding in was stolen early. This morning. Police say the mother left the car running outside a store thirty nine hundred block of west Roosevelt road when someone stole the vehicle around twenty minutes later car was found what the young girl inside unharmed. She was taken to the hospital for operation. No arrests have been made tragedy. To report this Easter morning officials in Sri Lankans say five hundred sixty people have been injured in a series of explosions that killed over a hundred and thirty people bombs exploded at three luxury hotels three churches during Easter services today in Colombo across relinquish at least nine foreigners among the dead in Colombo, the nation's top military officials are holding an emergency meeting and will issue a statement on the blast later this morning. Conic film director John singleton is in the ICU after suffering. A stroke reports say the boys in the hood filmmaker had checked himself into the hospital at they're experiencing weakness and his leg following a flight home from cost Rica, the fifty one year old family members says that he had the stroke while in the hospital care on Wednesday. Doctors say the stroke was mild and said that he is performing more tests net clear on when singleton is going to be released or how long he's going to remain in the hospital, but his family is asking for privacy at this time. In sports. The cubs lose to the Diamondbacks in the NBA playoffs. The bucks rocket seventy Sixers and nuggets are all.

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