Mallett, Johnson, Brian Kelly discussed on The Solid Verbal: Living College Football - Fantasy Things Scorecard (2/8/2017)


That's true friends map brown who i love and the door and poked fun at me and have no real mallett was towards okay i know matt yes but you guys even lookalike today a little bit yeah he was making the forty jokes right johnson another guy whom i adore who does a great work for sb nation are comp sure making the for an eight joe threat jokes regularly you could tell all of that can jen chilly as part of this second guessing brian kelly you could if you had drafted notre dame jokes that's a shoe in five i don't think saying but remember notre dame is for an eight is actively second guessing brian kelly i'll give you a four i will take before okay take your for here's why that's interesting that gives me twenty two that gives you twenty two alright let's russell take off that shirt let's russell but the jelly up you mean to tell me that we both finished with twenty two one our own arbitrary scoring i took three straight singles to finish this out country singer i'm gameday locker room coach dance in college stadium selling bear you finish with one three in for this year's iowa weird neutral site cam second guessing brian kelly the problem the only problem i have with this with your and scoring is a weird neutral site games they don't come about during the season they don't adjust during the season unless at some point they the venue is change to something ridiculous because of whether or construction or act of god whatever i can not give you a three but i don't.

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