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I mean, I think it's basically. Yep. You're innocent urine. It's moves into Taurus. And mercury is drunk out of his mind the whole month, right? Days in confused perfect. All right. So moving into April. What do we have going on here? Mercury's now direct, and it starts to try to get get out of the clutches of Neptune while Venus has moved into Pisces in. It's actually coming up to a conjunction with Neptune in mid Pisces. And then eventually mercury Mars has moved into. Gemini, it looks like by the very end of March and early April. It starts moving through the early degrees of Gemini. This really picks up the pace if you compare if you compare mercury retrograde in places with the Sonnen places and Mars and Torres that is slow. Whereas now as April begins, we have the son already in areas, and then with Marsden Gemini, and there's probably no greater contrast of speed on than that, which is between Marzan Torres versus Marsden. Gemini, and with the sun in areas, we have that speedy and Gemini ruling the sun. Right. So it's really things things. Start moving and becoming much more active active and activated. It also puts you know, that also puts the sun and Jupiter in configuration with Jupiter and Sach again, the sun by trying and Mars by oppositions. That's that's that really emphasizes the the, active fiery. Let's get moving stuff. So margin. Just basically April is much faster than March. You can get a lot more done in April, especially if you felt like you're a little bit drunk all the GIC in March and there yet and one of the things that's happening is notice Jupiter actually stations does its first station in secretaries around April ninth at twenty four degrees of such Terry's. So we have a bit of an intensification of Jupiter in those later degrees of sad. And then it starts moving backwards into the earlier in in returning back to some of the earlier degrees or middle middle degrees of sanitary is yes. Yeah. That's that's a huge station for April. But I do agree with Austin with MAs getting back into a hot assign. We just we are going to say mole Fullwood momentum mccreesh finally gonna come out of Pisces and moving to Aries, and we, you know, an lovely little extra for April is that we do have anus in Pisces for most of them on. Yeah. It's I I've. Been saying that for election's. Yeah. Yeah. That's going to be lovely. Alright. Yeah. The looks good in than so we start moving through April and towards the end of it. The other major outer planet thing that I noticed is that we get Saturn..

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