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Everyone's child an overflow crowd of more than five hundred gathering to support the family of seven year old jasmine bars the event a fundraiser for the family, but another purpose. Organizers say is even more important keeping Jasmine's death on people's minds. The father of a missing eight month old boy in San Antonio, Texas has been arrested and police are looking for a female suspect in the case police chief William McManus, the family is not cooperating as is the father Christopher Dodd Bula, not cooperating the father left the car running with the child inside and went to buy water at a gas station leaving the door open. Police say a woman walked by hopped into the driver's seat. And drove off there are worries over the safety of groundwater near military bases in Georgia. Due to a toxic firefighting foam used by the us air force recent test at the state's three airbases show extensive environmental contamination. The air force says Georgia's drinking water is safe. But experts and residents don't really believe that this is CBS news national mortgage lender. Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. Licensed in all fifty states equal housing lender. NMLS number thirty thirty. Hey guys can hear from the hip hide cast today's growth who would win a three mile bicycle race in eleven year old girl or last year's winner of the tour de France. It all depends on the bicycle it depends on their vehicle both on a ten speed in the pro racers gonna win every time but put the race around a tricycle in the eleven year old wins every time you see. It's not the driver. It's the vehicle when it comes to generating revenue. It's exactly the same. If you have a job or a.

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