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Charlie smart enough to be if charlie becomes a massive movie star i with trust the charlie hunt would not be corrupted by being a massive movie star right right well and that's the danger because anything that's anything that's ego that can be ego based is really dangerous because the stuff feels good in its alluring and it's the siren that's pulling into the rocks you know like it's so how do you i mean i say this all the time to my manager if i get rattled about something i go i'm pretty sure this is an ego thing i'm pretty sure this egos stuff and i i'm admitting to you right now that the probably dumb and it's just my ego and really old issues that i have and i hope you hope he understands already on a favor i understand that because it's the temptation of the crutch the crutch for the moment feels like an immediate bandaid it feels like an immediate fix and you get a little rush of energy where the back of your mind is saying new under the live just a little bit more bulk commented just a little bit more by that crutch stable by that crutch sitting around the room with a lotta people sliding someone else off and if you get involved in that question is any 'cause you're asking people to think more of your rights right right so you're hot attempted to get over here uh think johnny's to and just say if you drink in as a chemical shift that takes place within you where what you're thinking is happening is a little round of applause where everyone around you is are good journey o good fred you're one of us site and your accepted by the group is completely completely throwing all of your thirty outside of yourself onto the table and you're asking them to tell you you are back in that moment.

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