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To concerts. Where i love the music but the musician seem kind of grumpy. Didn't want to be there in other times where you could tell or at least they were faking it. Well that they couldn't be happier and this is a dream. Come true and we appreciate you being here. Let's play some music and have a moment together and that's what wrestling is. It's it's a rock concert more than anything. Paul heyman is one of the people who articulated that in in a in a way and produced it in a way In the originally cw that made me realize wrestling at its best in some former fashion should be a rock concert with going nuts and wrestlers. Who love what they're doing and everybody's part of it together. Yeah and i think we could talk about the psychology of that fact for a long time. Because you're right on. Both those counts like enthusiasm is not tonality right like you can have an enthusiastic tone but if you don't have an authentic enthusiasm or a joy of performance or whatever it is it is so transparent and it is gross and it's annoying and i think wrestling like rock concerts. Are that on on some level whether people want to admit it or not especially once they get to become adults. Wrestling fans are obsessive and music. Fans are obsessive. And you see your favorite band on stage and a part of you love being there because you wish you were onstage with them. You're almost putting yourself in their body like you're you're dreaming. What if i didn't have this nine to five job. What if i was the drummer for the foo fighters and like i have the time in my life. I was doing that. That'd be amazing. And then you look up at taylor. And he's losing his mind just having a great time playing the drums. And i think it's the same thing for wrestling late. The idea that especially in the commentary but in wrestling and cutting promos in in being in the ring. You're like oh my god. I always dreamed of being arrested in when i was a kid. If i've i could be a wrestler of i could be a connaitre if i could be anything and then i don't even know if people realize it but like you see people that don't have that joy for it and you almost go like wool. W-wh what am i watching them. Like how do i get lost in this fantasy. that's supposed to be. It's not a fantasy anymore like there's isn't supposed to be a nine to five job. I have a nine to five job and it sucks. Like i can't escape into your world if you're as miserable is i am exactly yes. Yup okay neither. Good good broad topic and i think it is looking at mcafee and just seeing wrestler. You know like i. I talk about Jason jordan and chat gable like an annex t. They had a joy performance. That's when i. I use that term. Like i like their take them because they brought back. They brought me back to childhood watching wrestling for the first time we're baby faces just seemed so happy to be there and they were so focused on winning and if they want it was a great day of their life and that that thrill of victory in that vicarious experiences is vital so uh sam. Let's talk about summer slam. We'll see how many matches we think are going to are going to check this box for us. In terms of the performers showing joined their performance and fans infatuating to them. If it comes up naturally we don't want fake enthusiasm for this topic. So there's there's tween it's great to have you here in sam..

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