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You're bringing people in the door. We always say they're they're putting one hundred dollars into the machine in it's fitting two hundred dollars right. They're going to do that all day long. But it takes people a little bit kind of figure that out and so we have to make sure that our students realize that they shouldn't under sell themselves because they'll come into the course and they'll be like hey i've got somebody that really wants to run ads. I'm just going to do it for them for free for a trial and we're like no no no. You don't do that. You need to charge. What the services worth as always pushing students to get up to that thousand dollars that fifteen hundred dollars per month number overtime they they do. They'll take a couple of clients melville undercharged and then they go. Wow this didn't work out as well as i wanted it to. I should have just charge the right amount from the beginning because free clients and people that are deeply discounted clients normally. Don't actually turn into paying clients over time. It's hard to get them to convert to actually pay what they should be paying for the service and so we teach our students to find the ones find the business owners that are quality business owners. That are ready for the service. There's a lot of people that are not maybe their businesses and in a financial place to really afford the ads and maybe from maturity standpoint from the business owner maybe they have been in business long enough to realize that it's important and they just want to do the bare minimum. Were always pushing our students to get to that thousand dollars. Fifteen hundred dollars per month number and then from there. You can scale it as much as you want. I mean mike when we first started doing this was doing thirty thousand dollars a month in were you can scale an agency and basically stat clients on top of each other. But the courses designed is a side hustle. We're trying to teach you how to get one or two clients right and do this. Birth thousand two thousand dollars per month. And then if you want a scale from there you can so. That's that's of the rundown on all the pricing and everything how that works the thousand dollars that you're making a per client that they're still paying for their own ads so it's not like you're taking money out of your cut to then pay for ads so you're walking away with thousand bucks per client overtake right. And there's so many you don't you can do this whole thing with free tools. There are actually two tools that we recommend that you can use but don't have to and one of them. There's one hundred bucks a month so if you're getting thousand dollar client you put one hundred dollars a month that the other one is ten dollars a month in automation tool..

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