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The bloodstream after a blow to the head research shows that tests can detect brain injuries within twelve hours yesterday was moving in day for a young failing in tacoma a day that almost didn't happen after scammers swiped several thousand dollars from him but after our story about the crime aired couples keith eldridge reports doors started their open to help them something missing from the front yard of this tacoma hallways the four sale side it was taken out as the aisin's moved in so we have a little baby toddler bed in here and stiffening serenity icm's little board dan's baby heavist parrots are moving into their new home we've just by a kingsize bed it's a day that almost didn't happen after scammers swipe twelve thousand dollars that serenity thought she was sending in for the closing costs it's a story were first told you about the day have a i don't i don't know what to do any more at this point under this boss it's believe this cameras either hacked into the icm's email or the email of the lenders because they knew the closing dates all the names of the people involved and the amount needed and we're finally going on our home and then we just fell cameron she says local attorney kim gordon sars story at offered to take on their case for free and negotiator lower fees and commissions putting the house purchase within reach of the ice away so i without this being aired on tv we probably wouldn't have had the house and she says the nightmare has ended thing you guys and then henrik than the people that made it happen for a for serenity song was on packing in their new home feels like to be true it is it feel like home because it's probably like the first day on but all of it i love the house the house that i think is light perfect for us there is some say they've learned their lesson about scams but sadly realized that there are probably not going to be the last ones to be hip like this in tacoma keith eldridge komo news komo news time nine jantar to check it at the sportsdesk arguments basketball loom pay back in mind when they host utah he's a preview from komos bills sort some months ago in salt lake city washington was in an early hole and.

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