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Hooker ended up doing them but dan huggers taller than me so he was able to get in with the hands a lot easier than i was so i had to kind of improvise obviously leg kicks. We're gonna be a huge part of that. Last fight. <hes> in the casket wasn't wasn't always necessarily the game plan. We want to attack his ties to but the way it played <music> out. I hit him there. A few times i saw it hurt him and and we went with it and for its and i did a lot of time kick him in the last fight and <hes> you know things will be definitely be different in this. I don't want to give too much away. I'm gonna kick them a lot or not. Kick him but i'll say this. I'm not afraid to exchange <hes> kicks fix. This and you know i'm a bigger guy. I have heavy leg kicks filling my shins or harsh it so if i can check if you return if you that'll hopefully get him a little worried about throwing kicks and i seen that you know his fight with kevin lee. You know where you like. You have so many different tools but but again let's not get too much into game plan book joe basically asking paul felder as old as whole game plan is almost seeming. I feel like this is going to be a straight up. Kickboxing war and i can't wait to watch it to be honest and those catholics man you land two or three good ones and it changes the complexion of the fight which is so crazy how effective that technique really is. It's not man. We weren't doing this a couple of years ago. Now you see it every time you turn on the u._f._c. all over the place. It's like you just <hes>. It's just shows the evolution of this sport and how crazy it is that <hes> one person comes out and it's like nah you know i'm going to start kicking lower and we were always taught not to do that right. 'cause check kicks you hit. The xinyu hurt your own shit. Well not if you get to the cafe i which is a much smaller muscle. You take that out and that's what everybody's supporting themselves on. You can hurt your thyroid algae. You know what i'm saying. You get hurt. You're buying a fight before you can get through connect. Calf cramps man hallway rat is brutal. I'm so happy that didn't get into.

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