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This is ninety nine percent invisible i'm roman mars of the coast of north carolina there is a thin stretch of islands call the outer banks picture a narrow ribbon of sand that runs along the coast for two hundred miles these islands are three miles across at their widest and only two hundred yards and their narrowest and there's one part of the outer banks that used to be especially treacherous for ships it's called cape hatteras that's reporter gordon caddick of a podcast called cited the cape is known for choppy seas and strong ocean currents since the sixteenth century these waves have caused a lot of shipwrecks over a thousand according to the national park service the areas become known as the graveyard of the atlantic so many sailors were dying that in the late seventy hundreds congress authorized the construction of a giant lighthouse it would illuminate the dangerous passage and make the outer banks less deadly the lighthouse went up than a small town called buxton north carolina right near cape hatteras and the people of buxton they love this lighthouse generations of families there have helped maintain it but you know this which are grandfather did is which are great grandfather did this is danny couch he's descended from english pirates and his family goes back nine generations in north carolina today danny leads tours of the outer banks gordon win on one of those two hours last summer but we've got three meritas symbols in this fetch thumper wasps were statue of liberty number bill bridge in at thumper three the granddaddy of umberto ally though fluttering eighteen film dave on with my house bathrooms on the ride leaving the you on organized crime a.

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