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How do you feel about Jesse? Who's car is because she's on a motorcycle. So she like the dean's car, you're just outside chaplains like, okay, this McKenna she's bad news and that's good news for you. How I mean, how comfortable are you with this life advice. Probably I'm ready to go on. I have like three months to prep for this. And so I go tomorrow though. Like I'm I'm ready. Just got some time to work on street in three months. I don't understand why this is that starts in December. Jantar January. I'm gonna actually Nashville. I'm going to Lipscomb and so I'll be. Front? Yes. Guard. Here's the other thing. Andy mentioned. Motorcycle. If you get a motorcycle, it would be really cool, especially three months is adequate time to learn to do a sweet Whealy. Everyone will think that's that's what Nashville, Ian, what's different about lips them. I mean, I know Belmont, I don't know what's different about, let's start Christ. They right. Chapel and there's no instruments. But I mean, I have a ton of friends who went there, really lovely people. So are I think, get creatures. Doing all these things. This is pure survival. Now. If my advice is workers namedrop ace. No, no. Basketball games. 'cause I love going Lipscomb basketball games because. On the team. If I don't get kicked out of the school before, then I will definitely see. You'll have plenty of time if you can just make one week, we'll go to here. One last. So what grade do you do you envision yourself teaching after graduation? Probably early childhood. So let guys because I was going to say you can employ the same strategy and be really cool with the students typically work with your high school senior, but you could do it and you'll be the coolest teacher on. So this. In life. Yeah, he's not wrong. So a motorcycle. Australian accent for small cans. Sounds like the road to success for sure. You really can't go wrong. I mean, this is fantastic. Advice McKenna I hope we're allowed to check in with you in three months. If you're not expelled, let us know. Where that accent up until the day. I'm there. Here's my one piece of advice. It's not near as good as jesse's, obviously, but there's a place here called baba Reto they're, they're the best Britos. That's all I can give you the rest of it. You should do exactly what Jesse says her face. Okay. Bobber motorcycles, Australian accents on ready. All right. Well, thanks for. Asked Jesse life coaching. Question McKenna all the best as you start your new chapter at Lipscomb, please don't kicked out. That's right. Much. Got a couple of waivers before. If you if you want advice for your life to be enriched. In some way, I hit us up.

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