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Well i just did it here in the house. You know the button the stairs to find schism it's mostly glass overlooking the ocean you know and It's very hard to find a place that hasn't got reflections on the senate. Tom beaten so. I just done it at the bottom of my staff whether it was it was about the only place i could find with no sort of glaring sun. I'm not very good technical things where second you know like zoom and things like that you know. My husband was department. This day is still need against sounding the role. Yeah torture kits to the half was requested the and so you know i mean sell blimey like half a million people do it to you. The moment i think it is amazing. And i love the messages that you are putting out as well you know about seeing stashed a day and strong wind and and and i thought really great of you being a strong woman. I'm passenger and that's a good responses. Well hasn't it white house very good. Yeah and About song in particular. Let's say he's. He's in the hall of the song hall of fame new york. He he writes joel. Joel aerosmith union. You know recorded for all these people up. Wow amazing so. I asked him if he like me song and the two days later he sent me this incredible song. Cold stormed the man. Well and Oh my god. When i read it i all. I was amazed. I got into it and So i'm back in my old producer. David you know. And he's the production on the album. Mitch fantastic he's You know he's my last albums. And i did two years ago. Cheney awesomeness star trek down very well. They sell them getting incredible reviews. I have never had anything like this. Since total eclipse to be honest responses. beena me. yeah. I got some wonderful song right. Says it has got a really special failed out really has got that kind of at's traditional bonnie. It expects a little bit of a modern twist as well it it merges those two areas. It bridges the two gaps really. Have you heard i have heard. I have heard it all. I've listened to through and it sounds amazing and found that the net. It's very to now but just What people need at the moment i. That's the songs the best is yet to come. It sounds like you know more freedom or whatever but it was made to be that way it was meant to be like this is the fittest song But listen to the rats. You'd be amazed because the best to come on. That's lovely the idea and you're right about the best is yet to come for the for the for the world and once you're actually axon you say we're out there for doing stuff again and who knows what new things will come. But i love that. Factors that you'll suggesting that all the rest of the album. There's some really good.

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