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Neil surveyed her. How do you do? So the trip to fan should be Shaking off right about now. Should be coming back to life. After Thanksgiving. The Story that I was telling. Before we took a quick break. There was about cooking. The first I'll come back forth as to how I was going to prepare my bird. I decided to do it. In the oven in the house instead of outside like I like to do for a couple reasons. One. It was a big bird. On and I wasn't quite sure I wanted to do a test run or something on the rotisserie for. I tried doing a bird that big and I have not done a bird that big Yeah. Dispatch cocked, uh, into over indirect heat, because that once you butterfly £20 bird it takes it's got a good span on it. S O. I thought when I was putting all this in my head, I thought, you know what I'll do is all roasted in the oven for a couple reasons, one of which would be the sensory responses that we get from that. And I haven't cooked the turkey inside my new oven. Um yet, and I thought I'll do that in Max. You know, Bax is going to be four on Monday. And so he's getting old enough to She really enjoy these things. And I thought, you know he should smell That wonderful smell of a turkey roasting in the oven like I remember my mom doing, you know, it's like I I smell it. It takes me back to a really wonderful place of being at home and having Mom cooking Thanksgiving dinner. So I said, I'll do it in there. I have been up till two in the morning the night before Thanksgiving. Getting some stuff done. Doing some food. Food Prep is well and then I had to wake up at 5 20 in the morning. Tau host Bill Handel shows that you every Thanksgiving morning so I had very little sleep. So after I got off the air, I prepped the bird of did my final prep of the bird, which is the patting down, trusting the legs, putting the wings underneath. On On it. So I do you use a compound butter and rubbed that all over the skin on the outside, and then I lift the skin and rub it all over the bird. Underneath. The bird had been dry brined. It was going to be juicy and lovely. I put all the aromatics of the cavity and at the base put my carrots in there. I used a Annapolis juice, put an apple juice and down at the bottom. Um, because I wanted to cook the carrots that way and then I would take the carrots and the onions and I put them together and it's served those of the side. Calculations, basically or this. We talked about this every year on the show. It's basically between 13 and 15 minutes. Pound when you roasting a turkey Depending on your temperature, man, and you want to be at you know 3 25 3 50 in there some people turning on hot at the beginning or turn on hot at the end or different things like that, but basically the roasting time. Main roasting temp rather is between 3 25 and 3 50. So I thought it's a big bird all put it at 3 50. That should be good. It's gonna be super moist as it is. It's got the brine. It's got the butter will be golden. Daddy needs to take a nap, so I'm gonna go. By now. It's 10 30 in the morning. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna lay down and take a nap till one. They'll come out because the calculation on a £20 bird is almost five hours. I got up. That one. And it was overdone. And some areas it was 1 80. 1 85 Now I normally take my turkeys out at about 1 55 1 60. So I was like, Holy hell. Because of the efficiency of this wolf and I have a duel, eh? I don't know what you'd call a dual energy. So my stovetop. Is gas. Yeah, but my oven is electric because electric Is more consistent now. I had to put in a special plug Fort because it's very high power. But, um It. It roasted so efficiently that it did about 11. Maybe 11.5 minutes per pound. That's insane. So that actually turned out very juicy because that's you know, that's the insurance policy When we talk about brining, I'm not a wet brain guy anymore. I think it's I think it's a pain in the ass, and I don't think that you could ever tell the difference. I'm a Dr Brian person. I think it's much easier to do. And I think the results are just as good, if not, maybe even a little better. So, um, really, it's salt. I know. A lot of people put herbs and different things like this, especially in the wet Brian, But the reality is because of the chemistry. Most of what's taking place is Theo Exchange of the salt. That's it. So I do the dry brine, Uh, a couple days ahead of time and all those things really helped out to keep the bird moist. But it was still overcooked. Go figure so every time You think that I'm you know, in that kitchen whizzing around, making everything wonderful. I'm stepping in it just like you all the time and learning things. I learned something massive about my oven and how freaking efficient it is. And this was like I said, the first time I've roasted in there because day to day with a small family heating up in oven. A large oven just doesn't make sense. We have a breath Vel, a really nice Preval, Toaster oven, and those things are great. They just they they, you know, heat up quickly, all of those things, so for smaller dishes and things that we do I use that most the time and then the stove top. So I was really blown away. And and it goes to show you that even when we give you guidelines here on the show that really nothing. Nothing is better than getting out that thermometer and checking it at certain intervals. You know, Now we're in a half in checking to see and then check it again Another half hour or so to see what the increment is. How is it heating up on D. That's how you learn your timing. That's how you get the rhythm of going. Okay. It's heating up out of 10 20. Um, degrees every so often. Whatever it is, and you you're gonna you're starting to know when it's gonna cook. So we all learned something so technically gets a failure to me and I'm confessing. Because I should've hit that temperature. God forbid, I get a nap around this place. But it was a win because of the preparation that we've talked about before brining your bird In this case of Dr Bright and putting that butter, adding moisture to those things saved me from what could have been a very, very dry turkey. On a bummer, and the skin came out nice and crunchy, taking the breasts off separately. And then you cut them with wise is a great way to get a nice piece of skin on every single piece, maybe all post a picture. But I hope that you had all success and no failure. Failures Stick around. It is the fourth report Daniel's favorite cake. If I am 6 40. Let's get the latest news now and they're making in the cave. I newsroom..

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