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To her glamorous career as a comic talent. On August 4th 1962 Marilyn Monroe died, clutching a telephone and surrounded by a deadly cocktail of prescription pills. The coroner's verdict probable suicide, Yet many believe it was murder. It was really no basis for her to have committed suicide. Now the killing of Marilyn Monroe hosted by me. Jackie Moran will uncover exactly what she knew and what it cost her. This original 12 part series investigates the secret life. Marilyn hid from the world juggling affairs with rat pack crooners, presidents, men and my bosses. By the time of her death, Marilyn Monroe was at the center of a deadly power struggle between President Kennedy, brother Bobby, the Mafia and J. Edgar Hoover's FBI. Would she talked with Peter Lawford? She said it My love to the president over 12 riveting episodes, the killing of Marilyn Monroe through on the ground investigative reporting brand new sources and meticulous reviewing of evidence. We will reveal for the use radio 9 21 Oh, 47 FM. Got hate mails, you idiot!.

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