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A it's up north it's outside of Reno before where you got for bike CR two fifty okay yeah bad crash Denarlie me and my brother my brother had raised in a while and then he came out and it's it was like a a rivalry and you were you were probably writing more than he was in August because he didn't have a bike have some support wherever and then all of a sudden he got a bike and came out to Fernley and on the START I see him on the outside like some wild manigault fuck you al I'm GonNa beat me this easy you know so I just fucking kept a pin and hit a jump and landed too hard next thing you know cartwheeling how are the whole time or you work at this dealership like throughout the eighties and everything like working there pretty much and that's an where Carson Carson city yeah so you can get a mechanic and how you saw Tommy Watts right my first as far as a privateer yeah you're looking for your brother and then kind of whatever don we're going to shop how do you get to be Tommy Tommy Watches Guy 'cause Kentucky yeah that happened so I moved from from Carson City in eighty five eighty five I moved to Las Vegas because my two buddies I grew up went to school with had already moved down Oh okay all right they were the one way man a minute so eighty five you would vegas I moved Vegas and what was this place like an eighty I of course I live here so so different I can't even imagine Agean yeah it was ease it probably wasn't quite when bugsy came here and just you know but right yeah I mean it was major deal like the main strip but we call the strip yeah yeah wasn't extravagant handed MGM grand was. Oh yeah that was the end of it and that's why I heard told me that one time and then it went to Fremont and that was it like yeah pretty much to where what Stupak plate what's the the strategy hours kind of went to there and then you had old vegas downtown where Freeman is okay there was a big gap between the Strip Fremont and it didn't go all the way that Sam Boyd was there are none of the Summerlin all that none of that was Sam Boyd Stadium Yeah I don't know when that was built but it's pretty old now but yeah probably wasn't there when I first okay so great mm-hmm yeah what so Greg Prim was down here you grew up with allied with Gregg up in Reno we went to high school together and race together and he helped me and supporting me too with my racing is obviously his parents have been there's a town called Prim he's being real estate guy where they already buying real estate down here in where they data vegas real estate a long time ago how he was he was in Carson City while he was in California okay well the Oh man was in California Okay Okay Greg the ad not Carson City but Reno Grapes Dad Originally had casinos in Reno to how great stats was a mover Shaker back the way back Oh okay all right very much for the podcast okay thanks okay so primitive Vegas Room live in my buddy bill buttram they they you know we're like the three musketeers racing together Blah Blah Blah so they had moved down here and then kind of talk me into moving up to Vegas out first thing I did want to move Vegas was got a D. I worked at this dealership that my buddy bill worked out okay yeah so it's a big step for you probably move how Culture Shock for twenty four yeah so you're just like I'm leaving mom I'm leaving brother I'm leaving pretty the four hundred five hundred miles away yes culture shock about six months and then I embraced Vegas and I actually Love Vegas which is always so weird that well now I know I don't think I ever knew but I mean you're a factory mechanic Zouqi live in Vegas and it was always the weirdest thing that house right yeah yeah so all right so you got a job dealership yes oh dealership and then how did you meet Tommy Aso real quick the we got into the owner of the dealer ship wanted was did you ever go to eighty five vegas pro national I did I was only national yeah I was there I believe machine one and one twenty five class on a Honda is Eddie Hicks his first ever pro rice he'll was yeah okay yeah. RJ RJ RJ fifties dog or one hundred five hundred one five hundred bucks yeah yeah yeah yeah it was a hot it was hot and there was a one to one one time deal but so so mark the owner of the dealership and stuff he wanted to get into everything so he can't even started his own clothing line Okay and it was called e. p. performs is I thought that was Prim Well Greg Bot at later on but it was actually started with this yes he started with e. p. performance AH EP EP standard for he he was kind of a this German guy and he liked Edelweiss he had a ski dealer parity in town called Edelweiss which is a flower it's like a German name for this flower whatever so he he went ep wife Performance Ok p far performance slow analyze was the name of his whatever whatever then he called the first motorcycle dealership eight voice okay now all right he just kept with the theme of He's so now like growing up so I'm in Canada growing up reading magazines I see ads for e P shirt yeah yeah so we went out and started getting riders to support the product clothing and how and bill he was he headed up that deal bill ended up oh he would scout the contract stuff he picked up Tommy and we paid Tommy and gave Tommy clothing and then delyle's where at one time lyles did was primer radio was that yeah that was Dan Greg Body Yeah so how performance yeah uh-huh okay so yeah Tommy was a privateer kid he pretty good team green kid you ever gone to yeah and then he he became AP's rider yes he became ep the rider and Greg sent me and Tommy out and eighty seven and a box van Greg Greg about EP Greg I think Greg acquired of gear stuff a little bit yeah remind me a little bit of stuff which is John Airs he made it at one point time ayers was making some of our clothing yeah yeah at one time okay yeah okay thinking about back then to trying to source gear and pants like he's not like now where you just go China and do build whatever you want we would we went down a callie in like the southern California and like the clothing district and would go to zipper companies yeah and we would source out Z zero you know different stuff and try to make the clothing yourself try to get somebody to deal with go out and find patterns patterns were critical of how the ship Fisher yeah so yeah you kind of had to go out and do it all yourself instead of just call in China yeah yeah that's crazy so K. Zipper company we'd go down see why k. k. yes company right which is still still making zippers probably win the number one zipper company so your yeah you're renting now you know bike inside and out and all that so what so Tommy what is eighty seven eighty seven eighty seven Greg we went out on the nationals Box van Gogh now you're fully into it wow you're and eighty seven Tommy I'm looking at stats fifth and five hundred nationals yeah that's legit it was legit was the year it was Stanton Stanton really broke up that year Tommy was good in the five hundred wasn't Fisher Fisher did really well beaten Tommy out for privateers yeah yeah they they went back and forth as far as results so you didn't do supercar set you know Tommy tried but he got hurt right away you know super guide somebody Tommy is really good outdoors supercross he's he he just didn't have supercross tracks to practice on and all you know how everybody yeah for sure so I think he got injured right away but we did go to some but yeah so you're you gotta be pretty like I mean I put myself as a first year mechanic and your guys getting fifth overall in yeah but you gotta be happy with that I was totally happy I mean Tommy was very good in an EP The deal you know work together where I mean Tommy we went out we when he won mammoth on the in the two fifty class that year in he let me Tommy was legit you know he he got injured just like all injuries but yeah ties guy guy like yeah we had some good times I really he was a character I enjoyed Tommy Fun oh that's good so now with you driving a box van and getting paid whatever what were you getting paid you remember I don't know what you know Greg I don't knows but were you like this is what i WanNa do this is this is funny ask because after that year with Tommy and him and I you know T- tag teamed it I'm like I don't think I can fuck and drive this road and then all of a sudden there was a year lapse and then here I get this call in ninety to come to work with buddy sadness and factory Suzuki you know so that's eighty seven so what happens eighty eight eighty nine he worked for Tommy again in a little bit eighty eight and then the end of eighty nine China's when I I think I went back to work at the dealer so cat Edelweiss and so yeah I think I worked for the dealership then an and then so the whole time you're saying hi pal down to the races or whatever out patsy manager exactly exactly you back in the day and everything so then up in ninety at the end of eighty nine he calls you gotta call out of the balloon well it's funny so I'd go to park city with ep back in the days and I had met the Albrecht's you know in the old man all Brecca Germany's Dad You know he flew me he helped fly me out to pocket work on his kids that that would have been probably eighty six maybe oh okay oh so early Gig with that that's right I forgot about it was part of the EP because we did you know aftermarket performance stuff and then the clothing line try to do like a you know awful on deal there so I went back and would be working with some of the amateurs kids you know they're and Joe Aubrac Jeremy's brother was John was really good on eighty yeah yeah so dad would fire newer worked for them for the week yeah him and my buddy sacks Richard Saxon was out there so it was like combine deal where Richard's Dad Richard Saxon Greenwich He's Mr Mountain Mike Guy now but so between Saxton Dad Albrecht's they got me out to Ponca okay so I worked on their bikes there that's so funny yeah told buddy you know Berlitz was really cool guy but man you know reached out to me.

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