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Help hospitals for covert nineteen expenses this money that's going out for hardest hit hospitals in the hot zones as well as the critical ten billion dollars that we're sending out to rural hospitals and rural clinics that's money that's going to support the hospital that gave up elective procedures which is how they make so much of their money health and health and Human Services secretary Alex Cesar said the hospitals in the hard hit areas will get the money to help them cover overtime for their employees as well as cover the cost of personal protective equipment impacts of business shut downs due to the pandemic is affecting the meat processing plants nationwide as well as those pork processing shut downs of lead to some massive losses in the pig farming industry to have to go to market at a certain size if they get any larger they can't be process and that's been a big problem for pig farmers in Wisconsin were saying up to a million hogs a day backing up Tom Mueller is with maple creek far mmhm several other people that we work with have put him on diets but the problem is you can only died in so long and they still have a bunch of little ones coming up behind them that need space in the barn he says they sell their pork to caterers but that market has dried up so they're not trying to sell pork products directly to the public Ribeiro ABC news meanwhile students at more than twenty five universities are demanding a partial refund in tuition and fees from their universities they've been taking online classes during the corona virus crisis and they say it's not the campus experience that they were promised but colleges say students are still learning from the same professors and still earning credits class action lawsuits have been filed against Ivy League schools like brown Columbia and Cornell public schools include all three of Arizona's universities Purdue the university of Miami and Michigan state mark Mayfield NBC news radio and you'll get a football schedule this week but if we have games that'll be another story the NFL says the NFL season is coming in two days from now we will learn who will play who when and where NFL network will broadcast a three hour special Thursday night called schedule released twenty to reveal the schedule for the coming season for all thirty two teams it'll feature interviews with coaches and general managers the league said this past weekend it plans to start its season on time September tenth and play a full season police said if we have to make adjustments we will be prepared to do so on the latest guidance from our medical experts and public health officials normally a three hour TV program to reveal schedule might seem extreme but when we consider the NFL draft shattered its record for TV ratings and audience for live sports even the release of a schedule has never been.

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