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Protest today correspondent Margaret Malard with the story to not happy with the company's decision to leave up a controversial posts from president trump some of the company's workers staged a virtual walk out logging out for the day and refusing to work the New York times reported the workers are upset Facebook has not taken down opposed from president trump that said when the looting starts the shooting starts the post it also been put up on Twitter but unlike Facebook Twitter flagged it as violent content and barred users from liking or retweeting it last night chief mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was pledging ten million dollars for groups that work for racial justice the two U. S. astronauts who lifted off on a SpaceX rocket for a ride to the international space station are talking about that trip correspondent Jim Ryan with the storyteller dog Hurley and Bob bank and it is not just training this time this is mission control Houston please call station for voice check station both astronauts to the falcon nine rocket in the SpaceX dragon crew capsule performed perfectly from liftoff to docking and when fellow American Chris Cassidy opened the hatch of the space station to let them inside you could tell it was a brand new vehicle with smiley faces on the other side smiley face.

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