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I did not know that. Let me understand this. Because i did not understand it. Prior to thirty seconds ago. Within you understand that greg and lindsey are going to team up on a game show together as a team. Yeah off the game show. So i actually brought it up on this show on what you need to know. One time called legends of the hidden temple. It was an old school Nineties nickelodeon game show where it has trivia questions and physical challenges kind of guts. If you ever watch those that show so what made you ask or did lindsay ask you who asked who to be teams so lindsay was. It was a big fan of the show and she applied to it guy brought right into the casting and she found out that i was a big fan of it too when i was you know in in the ninety s and she said she asked if i wanted to do it and i was like absolutely i do so. I think it could be a really funny thing. But it's are you guys on board this. You think we can win rate. She just asked you to be her partner without even training or checking his see you know if fewer incompetent just based on you like the show. Yeah i mean look. I am athletic guy. I don't think you've really known this. Who is laughing. Dude george or greg did. I know yeah actually. I don't believe that at time. You were informed of your athleticism. I play basketball once or twice a week. Was that the time which you say you realize you're to open now is after after. I was so sore. My back was hurting really. Hey yourself for being a great athlete with that view. Their athletes get sore when they haven't played in over a year. But now i'm playing again and it's all hidden all coming back and say anything. Nice not one person week for sure. I says the nights about you. Plenty of sweet. Listen i'm going to be very very supportive of this. I think this is awesome. I'm with john ireland. This will live forever. If you guys win this is great. If you guys are terrible this is awesome. I mean now. But i got to know what is the name of this game show. It didn't sound familiar to me. Legends of the hidden temple sounds like bootleg indiana jones game. It is that's exactly what it is. The temple of doom greg ambi- doomed george nova show. I have no idea what it is of the hidden temple. Where do you win if you actually complete this game successfully. I'm not sure what it is. Now and lindsay isn't short up so lindsay hasn't worked with you to see if you're a competent partner. You agree to do but you don't know what you get the end of the contest. This does not sound really well thought out. So let me get this straight. You're doing a game show with lindsay against mason in ireland. No no this is a game show. I got an actual game show on television actual game show on television. We're going through the casting process right now. It's not done this show air. It's going to air on paramount plus and it's going to be and like it's it was legit game. Go look it up. Legends of the hidden temple. Also on lindsey's instagram she She put a little story about it with a with a one of the challenges. Yeah it's it's a legit game show on a game show before. Yes i've been on two game shows in. Did you win one game. I lost both one was lingo. I had a partner and we had to go through laura. You're not in this part of in that person's fault no it was. Actually it was but either way Lingo and on one verse. One hundred with bob sag one versus one hundred was your no. He was the host russian post on both sides. And you didn't win. The ultimate prize. Got something who did you lose. Both as you're embarrassed your family and they really don't want you to talk about anymore One verse one hundred was maybe. That's the ladder on that one. I went out pretty early. Probably only the third or fourth question Lingo we went pretty far. We went up against some of that was really tough. It was close and they just beat us out. I was like what four forty two three ninety s. Okay but you say that now this has like some physical skills involving an athlete and your physical skills are gonna come into play here. So are we talking like amazing race sort of need to move or what. What are we talking to some is this like. Is this like the used to be on nickelodeon. Yes the game though. Used to be on nickelodeon but now it's for adults. It's for twenty one and over and back then. The winner used to get a trip to space camp which was really cool back but now i mean i don't need disk get to space. Go with jeff bezos. Soon so so. Let me ask you this. So you're spending time on a game show and that means you're gonna spend less time producing this show i mean. How much time do i spend show new weeks for the show or one. How long is this commitment. I've it's however long it takes. I don't know if it's six weeks of a commitment because you've got to be holed up in some house with a bunch of other people are you in no. It's not anything like that. No no no no we go and we trained and then we go. We tape one day in hopefully in july. I think it is and then and then that's it. Oh it's in july on progress in july anyway so it doesn't matter they're the all you guys are. Just just. don't listen honestly. This is great for the show we need to do is if you do. If you do make it on there you need to. You absolutely need to find ways to grab the show in rice. Hats four a seven c stuff z. Stuff headband i. Don't if you log often boot back on because the sound quality is really poor. My in just figured. I'd just tell everybody okay so i'll be back. Thank you if you're a game show right now if you could choose one game show to be on. Because i don't even watch that many or even know of that many anymore. But if i said you george hey you can go on one.

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