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Carlisle has just left to make you guys some coffee. You are watching over match. Yeah I was thinking like I kind of stand up and just like have the moment with her okay. Is there anything you would like to say to her. No no I was just kind of just kind of like brush the hair off of her forehead and just like give it a little kiss. I got her mouth her forehead. Okay all right. So you brush the hair off of her forehead In her intense pain in turmoil she You kind of brushed that away also rushed the the sweat off her brow in you. You lean forward and give her a little kiss on her forehead. What what's the temperature pitcher? Here she feels very cold. She does vertical very cold. Yes so you reach down and and You you touched her hand. And as you're touching her hand her hand also feels very cold and it suddenly Grips your hands very tightly. WHOA WHOA WHOA? Excuse me eyes shoot open and and and start darting wildly from side to side. She still gripped tightly around your hand our way my hand over her eyes and light and like snap my fingers go. Hey Hey hey all right okay. So while her eyes are darting around you had your hand in front of her eyes and don she locks onto them like kind of like a cat looking at At one of those little toys. That you like dangle in front of their face okay I I want to be like doc doc. Hey Doc doc her I shoot to your face in log on and It doesn't seem like the eyes is of of the Maj that you know. She seems maybe fever is shore. Maybe hallucinatory ears something. Hey Hey it's okay. We're in a hurry and Dr Collins House you know the coroner you're right how the Feel match she. lets out a growl from deep inside of her chest. You know when in when two pats meet each other for the first time and they do not like each other one little bit. It sounds very much like that. I'm I'm trying to like Jank my hand of her hand now all right. Let's roll for Zeke. This'll be Benz. I roll of the of the session. Looks looks like it's a natural negative one with a with no no modifier whatsoever. All right well. She very easily overcomes that she very easily overcomes that she grips harder It it is hurting and she She looks at you with hurt. You can't really tell the kind of look that she's giving you. It's almost wild. It's almost inhuman dark. Dark weird stuff's happening but an all right at that moment Dr Carlisle Cullen throws. Open the door more than looks at her and then looks at you and says we gotta get you out of here Charlie. Okay I would. I'd love to but she's got a real death grip on me. Her Eyes Dart over at the door. where Carlisle is standing in? She lets out a very loud growl in. She leaps over to the door. WHOA madge WHOA? WHOA WHOA she lets? Let's go of you and seems to pay no attention toward you. She she she's hunched over in a very the reddening intimidating stance between you and and Carlisle Carlisle kind of puts up his hands. And says it's okay rematch. Hey Hey it's okay Ralph frontier. Everything's going be okay. She does not seem to be taking very well to this okay. It's is her back to me. Yes her back is to you and she seems to be Physically threatening threatening carlisle okay. I'm going to try to like us. What have I like? Police moves it just kind kind of like like like get up behind her in like like bear hugger or something you know to like. Get our arms down to her sides. Sure Okay give me a fizzy crow and it's still not kind of be good. I forgot that I was playing. David harbored a mountain of the man. But I just to all right So you Kind of jump on her back and try and pin her arms to her side and it seems to work temporarily but it it since her into a little bit of a frenzy she starts thrashing and growling in Carlisle. Says Okay Charlie. You really have to get out of here. I can't have you here right. Now let's go. Let's go I need you to let her go and get behind me. But I've got it right. You got her. Yeah sure you've got the moment for the moment. I just WanNa like maybe like make kind of like say quietly interesting ear. I want to be like. Hey Hey don't don't hurt anyone. Okay do it for me. Calm down for me. Let's do report role for report. So that's a I got a three She got a five in rapport or or in. Well so she is immune to your poor So for just a second. It seems as if she is starting to come to her senses but then she lets out a shriek. She's going to try and throw you off. A guy had enrolled physique again zero. All right so she dies she She flings you off of her and you fall. Aw and you're going to hit your head on the baseboard of the bed so you're going to take one hit of physical stress and then at this point Carlisle is going to try to Subdue her in so help you escape. Alright so He is trying to grapple her right. Now it does seem that he has her pretty temporarily grappled and he is is going to look at you and say Charlie. You need to leave the house right now. Just go outside. Lock the door behind you. I'm going to be pretty stubborn here. I'm not gonNA maybe apprehend her here but also like look. I'll stand back if you want. But I'm I'm not gonNA leave I don't I don't I don't like us anymore. Doc I want to know what's going on. She got rabies or something from for just a split second. Carlisle is utterly confused. It just looks thank you were the face. That's just like he is what and then recognition sets in and he is horrified. He he says. Oh my God Charlie. You have no idea what's going on do you. That's all right. Let's talk about it later. Maybe maybe let's talk about it later but right. Now let's let's keep you safe okay. And he is trying to grapple with her while trying to communicate with you and she. He is barking like a Freakin Bull. Does this carlisle have keep Charlie safe. Isn't it it does not from from Charlie's perspective like this doctor should not be the one like physically restraining. This person the police chief should be. And so. That's why I'm definitely like no. I'm I'm not just GONNA leave. You need help okay. So to this point I'm gonNA flashed my badge. You're you're going flashy were badge. Tell me what you're doing specifically okay. I'm GONNA say no. No Look I get your your you. You're you're very good at your job but I the Goddamn police chief and I'm saying you're GonNa let me help you. If we we need to stay here are not going to the hospital. I trust you but now I'm going to help you with this problem. And you're gonNa tell me what's going on. And so I want to walk walkover and like help him restrain madge all right so to flash your badge that requires a reporter roles. Go ahead and do that I he is going to contest the will and don't forget with your skill to report groups. I didn't mean click that you get a plus an additional plus two so that's I got a one one. Okay well I am. That'll do it and then you are also wanting to help. Restrain her so also give a disease I also yeah. I'm going to do that but Just has a like flavor here. I want to like reach down to where my handcuffs would be and they are not there. Because I use both pairs all right so you reach down to your to your handcuffs are you is that you have cuffed a couple of teenagers in your house within I I shoot yeah and I got naked. Three of my physique roll. Well luckily for you carlisle seems to have it covered. I don't think that there's any kind of assist in fake couture..

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