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Homeowner's insurance in seventeen ninety four should you get all your money back now your exclusive W. C. B. weather channel forecast temperatures running several degrees above average this afternoon milder heading for Wednesday and Thursday but that much colder air do in Friday cloudy this afternoon still a chance for shower to mid upper forties cloudy overnight upper thirties sunshine mixing with the clouds at times tomorrow milder upper fifties partly cloudy and windy Thursday low fifty seven much colder Friday partly cloudy upper thirties I'm meteorologist Ken boon from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty W. CBM currently forty seven degrees in east Baltimore forty five in west friendship reporting a one oh six I'm Michael Phil Apelles six eighty W. C. V. M. news WCBS videos are brought to you by save for retirement solutions all robber rowly four one zero two six six eleven twenty save for retirement solutions dot com the Rush Limbaugh show starts now on talk radio six eighty eight WC BM filling in for Rush Limbaugh ladies and gentlemen mark yes America is anchorman is way and this is your undocumented angle and.

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