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Reported to be blocking two left lanes. One 8 6 6 three O four WTO is a traffic tip line, also don't forget to download that WTO app. Carlos Ramirez will be traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist, Lauren ricketts. We've got a dry morning out there, although a little bit of road spray and as Carlos was saying, some ponding on the road, so be careful. That's from all The Rain that we had yesterday, in fact, D.C. reached a record. Just about an over an inch and a quarter of rain, but we'd beat a record from an 1899 for daily rain rate. Either way, more rain today, I do believe we could have a few little showers that rolled through this morning before lunch time, anything that we do see could bring some heavy downpours, and then another chance for some showers and thunderstorms any time after about two, 3 o'clock, I do think some of those will continue well into the overnight hours, damaging winds, heavy rain, some isolated flooding events, primary threats, maybe even some halo and I think it could be some large hail as we go through the afternoon and into the evening. Temperatures today mid to upper 80s and boys are going to be humid out there. It's already humid right now. Watch out also for a little fog. Tomorrow morning we'll start off partly cloudy and then another chance of showers and thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. I'd say any time after 2 o'clock as well for your Monday, mid to upper 80s, some of these could be strong to severe on your Monday night. And then Tuesday, we're dry. Temperatures in the upper, 80s to right around 90, we're in the low to mid 90s by Wednesday, more rain chances return by the time we head into your Thursday. We're up to 73 right now in Washington, Frederick 66, Lee's burger at 70°. And so great to hear Lauren's voice again.

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