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Bananas can help prevent high blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis, which is basically atherosclerosis is like when you have inflammation in the arteries and they constrict and oftentimes cholesterol buildup can occur because of that so that's really important a second cardiovascular benefit from bananas involves their content of something called sterols. So bananas are there's no fat food, but one type of fat they do have are small amounts of these compounds called sterols, like saitou sterile campus sterile and stigma sterile and they look structurally similar to cholesterol. So when we say sterile people might not think of cholesterol, but cholesterol is a type of sterile as well. They're they're all similar compounds month. Literally, so these plant sterols because they are structurally similar to cholesterol. They can block the absorption of dietary cholesterol. So if you if you have some cholesterol in your meal, but you also have eaten a banana along with it though sterols and the banana May block the absorption of some of that other cholesterol from your meal off then that helps keep your blood cholesterol levels in check. Wow, so that's and that's another you know, really important aspect of having plant Foods in the diet as a lot of plant Foods off kardos have sterols and them as well and that's like avocados are known to be a cholesterol-lowering food because of their sterile content and then a third type of cardiovascular benefit from banana juice is has to do with their fiber content. I probably talked about this before but bananas are really good source of something called soluble fiber which fiber dissolves in a Fluidity Waters that are you know, from foods that are coming through your digestive tract. So it forms kind of like a gel in a way. I always like to use an example of cuz people can use this visual what happens when you put chia seeds with water. They they absorb the water and they jell up they make like a almost like a gel and so that's happening in your intestine when you have soluble fiber in your diet. So bananas have a lot of soluble fiber and what that does is it attracts cholesterol to it and it also attracts even some of the carbohydrates and sugars from the meal. It tracks them into that gel and then they don't get absorbed into your bloodstream. They stay in the stool and then they are eliminated through the bowel movement rather than actually having them into the bloodstream. So that's how soluble fiber manages our blood sugar and manages our cholesterol levels. So that's you know, some bananas man. They're really good. Yep..

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