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You're almost still want center with the movie with a die hard movie packed okay and then my favorite l a movie is heat with robert deniro yes emma favorite patriotic movie maybe not my favorite but a great patriotic moving is somebody so much better with independence day but the patriot with no gibson said that on on twitter you know what i i'm not a huge fan of that movie really yeah i love mel gibson's movies but it's just the best i agree i had better ones in line but everybody keeps taking them well which one was die hard three was that the one set of new york yeah where it was the opening the opening song was hot tom summer in the city has samuel jackson that's it what was what was die hard to forget about that one yeah that's right that's right all right i got brush up on my diet might die hard trivia janice is in peachtree corners janice welcome to the show thank you how are you excellent what's going on well got a couple of grades classic movies for you my favorite summer movie would be a great hitchcock called window one of my all time favorite movies yeah happens in the data summer a couple of days yeah now summer in new york city again great okay i got to check that out what else do you have okay la movie would the another classic singing in the rain takes you back to the colder days of hollywood absolutely and then the last one a patriotic one.

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