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Forest during noise ninety two and nineteen Ninety-three. Caroline, Jane, Clark United Kingdom, Deborah, Phyllis, Everist, Australia, James, Harold, Gibson, Australia, and you have shade Jimmy Kabu, Kurt nor Gabella Jimmy Samoan. Loretta schnoodle, Germany, JoAnne, Lesley Walters. He nodded kingdom. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in cross James's. Hell lord. Race related along saw at the Plock has James Gibson's mother peg thanked to those present for their prayers and support same as a mother of one of the young people buried here in the forest feel can talk for my own family. But also feel whatever I say will be echoed by the other families involved. Permeate face said police would not stop hunting for the killer. Remarking this is a crime, which the New South Wales police would deal love to solve. And I'm sure the entire Nusa whilst community would want to know that someone has been brought to Justice. To assist investigators with our dinner firing suspect. Several criminal experts will called in to create a Sarka logical profile of the Bolenga low serial Coa the I was assembled a buffer antics saw trust Dr road, Milton who had visited h crime sane upon Nettie scullery. Hey, concluded the murders. Followed a similar patent and were premeditated by someone of seond mind, yet the way the bodies were haphazardly covered by forest debris suggested that even the killer planned to commit the attacks. They may have been prepared when the obituary actually presented itself. It was clear to dock Milton that the perpetrators acts were driven by a need for power. And that they derived pleasure from brutality. After attending, Joanne Walters and Caroline clocks crime sane Dokan Noten devised a theory that he stuck by throughout the discovery of the remaining victims as will seven backpack is killed in a number of different ways with varying levels of violence. The forensic psychiatrist was certain the murders were not the work of a sole perpetrator, but akilah peer working in tandem, the separation of the paired Bolenga victims indicated the perpetrators sort privacy from one another whilst carrying out their assaults. A concern typically reserved for fenders who are related Doke, the Milton concluded the killers were brothers with the oldest bane the more dominant of the pair, the frenzied Stubbings were probably committed by the rebellious younger brother who wanted to leave a Mark while the calm and controlled older brother used the firearm. Doctor Milton believed the familiarity in which the kill is traversed. The forest implied deliver locally possibly together. There were probably low income earners which compelled them to keep the backpack. His belongings not just the service trophies. But because the items were valuable and useful their interest in farms Khuda main they belonged to a gun club or participated in related hobbies such as hunting docked, Milton stressed that price falling was not an exact science and acknowledged the similarities across crime saints. Also implied the Killa may have acted alone. However, he proposed these commonalities could have been the result of the dominating older brother who had the fauna word on how the crimes were carried out. Dr Milton's multi perpetrator theory was supported by Dr Richard Basham Asarco logical anthropologist who will say provided inside into the profile of the Bolenga low serial killer. Doc, the Basham explained to kill his use of a Sahlins suggests that he lived in a fiend to see world where he himself as an outlaw. And therefore he may own a motorcycle he believed the perpetrator didn't leave in a remote rural area. How the was they would've used their own property to carry out the attacks. They'll know hey to was open to differing possibilities. Don't the Basham. Agreed the separation of the period victims strongly indicated that more than one killer was involved in the crimes, however, he conceded that a killer acting alone may have divided his victims for control purposes, or because he was unable to perform in front of a non muka..

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