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Just just fucking kill me at that point. Just like doesn't have a fucking pattern literally. Why why are you picking and choosing who to kill not to kill. Why are you raping some people but not reaping others like in it's not like the same ethnicity like there's there was a little commonality. I noticed there was a lot of asians in most of it. But i was thinking. If it's like relatively the same area it could be just kind of the same ethnicity. But it's not like they were all asians you know but it was a lot of asians but yeah do that and so obviously later on when it goes to trial like that that mom and son that mom went on the stand they didn't they didn't put the children to they. Didn't have the children testify. They decided not to i. I appreciate i mean. Don't don't let kidde have to go through. There was so much of just dead or not dead but like he's going to prison. Yeah but i'm sure you'll get into how they found him that i'll i'll let you get into that. I'm gonna. I'm gonna talk about one more thing that i distinctly remember from his crimes. I'm and then i'll let you get into how they found him. But the last one i remember was the old couple in san francisco which is kind of how it ties in because basically once he hit san francisco. You'll get into that but that's kind of where it all kind of steamrolls after that. Because he had already killed. I would say like ten people at this point all relatively in the in the air and you know. La 'cause you've lived there it's like county nex- the county next to count. They're all next to each other but elliot's huge right in a sense. Yeah so the last one. I remember when he went to san francisco shot and killed the old couple. Just just went in their house and kill them then. Went downstairs ate.

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