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It's not hard to do at all. It's actually harder would take longer to sit there and wait for the pizza and to be fat and to know that when you eat the pizza. Yeah, it's going to taste really good. She also gonna have a lot of regret when you're when you're eating it. Yeah. And. I, you know, people need a good dose of like self love. They need to not allow themselves to harm themselves. If you if you knew a really good friend was playing with fire and they were doing something really dumb. They were drinking a lot, and then they started, you know, and you're like, dude, how'd you get home? And like why just drove you'd be like, hey, man, like, okay, you can't be doing that. Like, you could kill yourself. You could kill somebody somebody else. I mean, why you doing that, right? And you need to have that conversation with yourself, like, hey, facile. Like why? Why? Why you indulgent on that pizza like don't do it like it's not good for your health. It's not good for your goals. It's not what you wanna do. I'm not talking about if it's a cheat day and you put in a really good week of eating and it's it's, it's a freebie 'cause everybody deserves those. But I'm talking about just a breakdown, you know, during the week and the conversations that you should have yourself to avoid those. Don't allow to happen. My wife went to a meeting the other day and she brought some like prep food with her, and she was like everyone's gonna, give me shit cause I'm like, pull food out of my bag. Meanwhile, everybody's eating Guadalajara, which is amazing. But she just knew there's going to be junked there and she didn't want to participate in that. So she like whipped out her food, you know? But I think that people should take pride in that like, no, fuck you. I'm not. I don't eat what you eat like, you're eating that. What are you doing the like? Why? Why are you? Why are you in that bullshit? I don't eat that way. Well, what do you eat? Here's what I eat potatoes and steak or whatever it is, you know? And it's just. To me to shows you got a leg up on somebody, nothing negative about it at all. It's all positive. Really? Yeah. My girlfriend's dad invited us to have pizza the other night, and it's one of those like, awesome. Build your own pizzas, like unlimited toppings, whatever you want the at, you know, stuff crest like all the way through the pizza, not just in the like the end of the pizza. And I was like, dude, but we can't eat that come on guys. Let's go. And I was like, well, there's poke around the corner. You guys can have that and we'll go get polka. And so when we brought it in everyone's like, wait, what is that? And then it's like you, you can see like how fresh it was, and it's colorful and it didn't take anything away from their meal. But it did feel pretty good to be in a really good pizza place. 'cause pizzas my jam, but be happier to be eating something healthier. So that was like a, I think both of us, we felt like that was a huge win. Great. Yeah. I mean, it's it's. You know, it goes against the grain, you know, goes against exactly. You know what? What was kind of you know in in front of you and it's, it's important. You know, it's also important to, you know, have periods of time where you are not on the gas pedal so hard, but you gotta be, you know, you got to be a little bit careful of some of that, but we always talk, you know, all the time about consistency. And so if you're being consistent, you know for long periods of time, I think there's usually, you know about these situations, like the pizza thing kind of knew about it, so you can talk to yourself about it before you get there and you can say, you know what should be pizza there. I don't wanna have pizza..

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